Boko Haram to ISIS: We've Got Your Backs

Boko Haram reinforced their year-ago pledge of allegiance to ISIS, urging self-proclaimed caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to have “steadfastness, steadfastness, and patience, patience” to achieve victory.


The video opens with pickups driving through the brush carrying masked jihadists wielding an ISIS flag. Front license plates were also replaced with ISIS flags.

A few more camera angles are used of the jihadists than the usual single, straight-on shot frequently seen in Boko Haram statements. The terrorist in the center juggles a couple pieces of paper as he reads the statement.

“The enemies of Allah the Almighty hold conferences and meetings to come up with a solution for the hole into which they fell, thinking that they can rescue their proxies and allies from the assault of the soldiers of the Caliphate,” the speaker says.

“They gave statements and threatened on television screen that they will defeat the monotheists who proved, by the grace of Allah the Almighty, the extent of their firmness and the harm they inflicted upon their enemies and the losses in terms of lives, wealth, and weapons, whether in Nigeria, the Niger border, Cameroon, or Chad,” he continued.

“Those people were shocked by what they saw, and they were surprised by the steadfastness of the monotheists in front of their Crusader campaigns, despite their alliance and cooperation with their henchmen from among the apostates and the Rafidhi [Shi’ite] militias. The monotheists have realized that victory is from Allah.”

“The march,” they vowed, will continue until jihadists “purify the land from the filth and defilement of the polytheists.”


“As usual, the disbelievers and apostates have for ages, when they feel hopeless to stop the spread of the truth, rush to scheme and sow rumors and lies against the mujahideen,” the speaker lamented.

He criticized the “trumpets of hypocrisy from among media personnel and journalists” who portray those fighting the Islamic State and its allies “as men of determination, power, and severity, hiding the truth of the enemy and its situation, especially when they meet the soldiers of the Caliphate face-to-face.”

“If you do not believe [us], then ask those who fought us in Gudunbali and during our attack in Geidam.”

The former was a November attack on a Nigerian battalion and the latter was a December attack in which townspeople reported some of the terrorists appeared to look like Touareg fighters from Mali.

“If you refuse” to accept Islam, the Boko Haram spokesman continued, “and remain arrogant, then we go forth…and embitter your lives, make widows of your women, and orphans of your children.”

“Your situation will be the same as the situation of the soldiers of the tyrant in Iraq, Sham [Syria], Libya, Khorasan [central Asia], and Sinai… there is not softening or appeasing, and no peace or safety as long as you fight the religion of Allah.”

They refer to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, a Muslim who has received some backing from Christians in the country, as “the tail of the Cross in Nigeria,” telling the leader that “the Crusaders will not benefit you and the atheists will not benefit you, for they are weak and disabled.”


“They will not be able to achieve what you want, and they will not rush to rescue you if the knives of the mujahideen reach your neck. You will regret but it will be too late. So repent before we punish you. Learn from the other tyrants and what befell them. You will understand what we say soon.”

The Boko Haram message was again concerned about bad press for their jihad, warning Muslims to “beware of these channels and television screens, for all of them follow and are managed by the Crusaders and disbelievers.”

“They broadcast what pours into their interests. We say to the soldiers of the Caliph of the Muslims, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi al-Qurashi, may Allah preserve him: Steadfastness, steadfastness, and patience, patience. Victory comes with an hour’s patience. So be firm in the face of your enemy.”


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