Walker Cautions GOP to Not Act Too Excited About Obamacare's Downfall

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Republicans shouldn’t be seen cheering the demise of Obamacare or hastening its untimely end.

“Obviously many of us like myself warned about the problems we’re seeing with Obamacare and not just with the rollout but with the program itself,” Walker told Piers Morgan last night on CNN.


“But as I have cautioned to many other Republicans in my statement across the countries, we need to be very careful,” he continued. “We need to be joining with Americans whether they were for or against the Affordable Care Act and joined in their frustration, not in anyway look like we’re relishing this or if Obamacare goes over the cliff we shouldn’t be the ones pushing it. We should be back trying to help everyday Americans find a better, a better alternative and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do.”

Walker said that Obamacare failing on its own merits justified his own feelings at the time of the government shutdown that it was hard to justify the GOP strategy.

“I do think drawing attention to Obamacare and the preceded failures was important, but as we’ve seen you don’t need a Republican to point that out,” he said. “Everyday people are finding out sadly every day that not only is the website not working but the program itself is not working. And it seems like every time someone from this administration comes forward that there seemed to be even more problems on the horizon including even more details about the website itself not only not working but not being fully built out.”

When asked on Fox Business Network if he is eyeing a 2016 presidential run, Walker said he’s focusing on his next gubernatorial campaign.


“I am up for governor next year. I’m going to focus on that, not just because I am on the ballot in 2014 but because what I point out in the book is that many of the key battleground states in America in 2010 were ultimately states where Democrats control everything. The chief executive and the legislative branches, we flipped all those things in the 2010 election in Wisconsin and a lot of my neighboring states. That was the key to our success,” Walker said.

“And so the reason I say we should focus on ’14 first is we can hold the House for Republicans. We can elect, particularly with the failures of Obamacare, we can elect reform-minded people in the United States Senate. And then after we do that we can put a new chief executive nationally who will help us lead the cause. But we have to do it focusing on ’14 first.”



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