Kerry Yawns his Way Through Prayer Breakfast

Perhaps he was worn out from giving yet another introductory speech at the State Department yesterday, but John Kerry didn’t give the best impression at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning.


Kerry was seated front and center, next to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), during the Washington Hilton event.

“Kerry began yawning 7 minutes into Dr. Carson’s inspirational speech and basically didn’t stop,” said the White House pool report.

The reporter noted that Kerry “perked up” a bit when Carson, director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, started talking about how politics needs more doctors instead of lawyers.

“But the new chief diplomat was yawning, open mouth gaping, regularly at this point, sometimes stifling and covering with a hand, sometimes not,” the pool report continued. “And the uncontrolled yawning continued during Obama’s speech, along with eye-rubbing.”

“Today, the divisions in this country are, thankfully, not as deep or destructive as when Lincoln led, but they are real.  The differences in how we hope to move our nation forward are less pronounced than when King marched, but they do exist,” Obama said. “…In the midst of all these debates, we must keep that same humility that Dr. King and Lincoln and Washington and all our great leaders understood is at the core of true leadership.”



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