Biden on Gun Proposal: 'I'm Shooting for Tuesday'

Vice President Joe Biden continued his series of meetings to craft a gun agenda today by meeting with representatives of the video gaming industry to talk about portrayals of violence.


The money quotes, from Biden’s remarks beforehand:

“We know that it is — there is — there is no silver bullet.”

“Quite frankly, we don’t even know whether some of the things people think impact on this actually impact on it or not.”

“We will be meeting with technology experts, because, to overstate the case, it would — there’s a lot that could change if, for example, every gun purchase could only be fired by the person who purchased it, because they literally would be unable to be fired.”

“I come to this meeting with no judgment.”

“And so I’m going to be submitting to the president a proposal as to how to proceed. I’m shooting for Tuesday.”


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