Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren Take a Break for Romance

Opponents in one of the most heated Senate races this fall found that they have common ground today: sharing the same wedding anniversary.

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) is celebrating 26 years of marriage with his wife, Gail. Democratic Party candidate Elizabeth Warren is celebrating 32 years with her husband, Bruce.


“Bruce & I are celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary today. Happy anniversary, Bruce! I love you,” Warren tweeted, adding an old wedding photo of the pair. “On our first anniversary, Bruce gave me a rose – and every year since then, he’s given me one rose for each year we’ve been married. I’ve saved the petals from every flower – dried them, added spices, and put them in pretty little bags on my closet shelf. After hundreds of flowers, I have quite a collection!” Warren wrote beneath the photo.

“Scott Brown & Gail are also celebrating their anniversary! I’ve sent flowers to wish them a happy anniversary & many more years of happiness,” she tweeted two hours later.

“Celebrating 26 years of marriage with Gail, today. Also happy anniversary to @ElizabethforMA & Bruce, sent them chocolates from Trappistine,” Brown tweeted.


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