Hurricane Isaac Continues to Pound Louisiana, Mississippi

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Hurricane Isaac is still going nowhere fast, sitting and spinning — and maintaining its strength — over the marshes and bayous of southeast Louisiana. Here’s a live radar animation from Weather Underground:


And here’s the current Doppler-estimated rainfall totals for the storm, which are going to be a bigger and bigger problem the longer this thing just sits and spins:

The storm surge is also continuing — heading into a second high tide now — because of Isaac’s persistence. Click here to view live tidal gauge data. Another excellent resource for water level and rainfall data is this Army Corps page.

Thus far, the New Orleans levees and pumps are reportedly holding up fine. A rural stretch of non-Army Corps levees in Plaquemines Parish has been overtopped, threatening some folks who did not heed the mandatory evacuation there.

For the latest news on conditions in and around NOLA, check and the local TV station websites. Here are the links to their livestreams:


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