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Today Is Exactly One Month Before Midterm Elections

Some of them work for radical groups that barely make an effort to conceal the thuggish nature of their activities. Others work more subtly from nonprofits and other do-gooder organizations, claiming to encourage voter registration while really harvesting fraudulent votes for their favored candidates. Still more hide in plain sight, behind the protection of their titles in the Department of Justice.

Whistleblower and PJM Legal Editor J. Christian Adams unmasks them all in Crimes Against the Republic, a brand-new diary of his experiences combating voter fraud in the Department of Justice. His book is more important than ever, with a critical midterm election hanging over our heads. Voter fraud already gave us Obamacare. In Georgia, a state with a long history of voter fraud, we are looking at a toss-up Senate race between Michelle Nunn and David Perdue.

Crimes Against the Republic explains the threat as the Senate hangs in the balance.

Crimes Against the Republic is available free for a limited time only, exclusively through the PJ Store. This ebook is downloadable in .mobi or .epub format, for all ereading apps and devices.