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Serbs Storm U.S. Embassy in Belgrade

Serbs are a heroic nation proud of their glorious exploits. We have seen the latest such achievement in the arson attack on the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, the Serbian capital, along with similar violence against embassies representing other countries that recognized the independence of Kosovo.

Embassies symbolize international mutual respect and civility. But Serbs, who revel in their bravery when it comes to murdering children and old people – 1,200 children were deliberately killed by Serb snipers in the siege of Sarajevo from 1992 to 1995 – interpret diplomacy as aggression and attempted genocide.

In Belgrade, the stars and stripes has been torn down. What will now be said by the isolationists, Albanophobes, and sellouts to Serbian and Russian influence, inside the Beltway, who spent the last few weeks agitating against Kosovo independence? Will they be happy to see our flag burned? Our flag was torched because we were slow to assist the Kosovar Albanians in really securing their freedom against Serbian fascism, and, being generous, kept giving the Serbs more chances to change their ways. But Serbs do not change.

Of course, there are plenty of people inside America – supporters of the Ron Paul element in national politics – who will try to justify Serb violence against our embassy and flag, as they tried to deny the reality of Serbian mass murder at Srebrenica in Bosnia-Hercegovina, and at Racak in Kosovo.

In Washington and New York, we also have to bear with the “experts” at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), who boasted about their supposed victory in Belgrade in 2000, when the frowning fascist Slobodan Milosevic was replaced by the grinning fascist Vojislav Kostunica, now Serbian prime minister. The NED still brags about their “success” in backing the phony Otpor reform movement in Serbia. Some admirers of Otpor have the nerve to suggest a similar tactic be applied to support change in Iran. Thanks for that – by all means, let’s see Ahmadinejad replaced by a pseudo-alternative. The same NED hacks tell us that “dialogue” is possible with peaceful Islamists. Maybe it’s time for the people at NED to get real, honest work.

But I digress. Serbs are indomitable fighters. They were tough and courageous when they sold out the Jews, making Belgrade the first officially “judenrein” city in Europe. They were hardy and principled when their bogus patriots, the Mihailovic Chetniks of World War II, collaborated with the Italian and German occupiers. They claimed the Chetnik terrorists fought the Nazis and were betrayed when the Allies supported Tito’s Partisans. Serbs did not join the Partisans until it was clear the Nazis were losing. The Chetniks were too busy cutting the throats of elderly Bosnian Muslim women. The Partisans – mainly Slovenes, Croats, Bosnian Muslims, and Albanians – fought for our side.

The Serb lobby in the U.S. told us for decades how they saved U.S. Army Air Force pilots whose planes were shot down during World War II. They demanded special recognition, monuments, and medals, as if all the heroism was on the side of Serbian troglodytes and our pilots were mere technicians.

Serbs hate Muslims because Muslims wash before praying. As a Serbian Orthodox “theologian” put it, Serbs are unafraid of dirt, because, according to them, their souls are pure. Serbian “saint” Nikolaj Velimirovic Zicka was locked up in Dachau for three months in 1944. He blamed his imprisonment, and the war, on… the Jews! And the phony humanitarian Artemije Radosavljevic, a Kosovo Serb cleric who has toured the U.S. portraying Albanians as savages, was among the biggest promoters of the sainthood of this Jew-baiting Serb Christian “thinker.”

Serbs told the world for two centuries that they had defended the freedom of Europe against the Ottomans, when in reality they sold out to the Ottomans for the privilege of collecting taxes (the much-criticized Islamic cizye) from Christians under Islamic rule, and turned against the Ottomans only when Turkish power diminished and the Serbs feared the loss their status as tax farmers.

And lest we be fooled by Serbian propaganda, there would have been no Yugoslav wars in the 1990s but for the unwillingness of Serbia to surrender the tax and financial control it exercised, from Belgrade, over the rest of the peoples in former Yugoslavia.

That’s Serbian heroism. A lot like “Serbian truth” – a term used by Serbs themselves to refer to lying.

Serbian apologists in America like Lawrence Eagleburger appeared surprised by the embassy attacks. But everybody who has been in Kosovo, Bosnia-Hercegovina, and Croatia in the past six months knew the Serbs would attempt to answer the independence declaration of the Kosovars with “Serbian statesmanship” – rioting, arson, desecration of our flag, attacks on the UN border posts in Kosovo.

The U.S. must be prepared for worse adventurism from Serbia. Airhead commentators on the news channels also acted shocked by an outcome they should have known was coming. Some of them recycled Serbian myths about Kosovo being the alleged “heartland” of their so-called “culture.” In fact, the Serbian heartland was in Raska, north of Kosovo. And Serbian “culture” and “civilization” have been displayed to the world once again, as they were when the Serbs in 1991 bombed and shelled the historic Croatian city of Dubrovnik – a city that protected Jews during World War II; when the Serbs raped 60,000 women and girls in Bosnia-Hercegovina, and when the Serbs tried to expel two million Albanians from their homes in Kosovo.

The whole world knows who the aggressors were in ex-Yugoslavia. But who stands behind crimes like the attack on our embassy? Such an action could not have taken place without the complicity of Kostunica, whose photograph was displayed waving a Kalashnikov when he ran for the Serbian presidency in 2000.

And behind the Belgrade political mafia stands the proud “former” KGB agent Vladimir Putin, who is using Kosovo to revive Russian meddling in Europe and restart the cold war. Putin is willing to provoke a repetition of that grand chapter in Serbian history, the Sarajevo assassination of 1914, which touched off the first world war.

America’s embassy in Belgrade is burning. Our flag has been torn down and set afire by the fearless Serbs. Americans should mute the repulsive gabble of the TV talking heads and just watch the spectacle, which speaks for itself. At least this is real history, not Serbian disinformation.

Let Serbs dance in the ashes of their undeserved reputation for honor and glory. They will be the black hole of Europe for a hundred years. Albanians kiss our flag and express their gratitude and love for us. Let us not forget who have been our honorable and truthful friends.

Stephen Schwartz is author of %%AMAZON=1898855560 Kosovo: Background to a War%%, with a preface by Christopher Hitchens, published in 2000.