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Midday: The McCain Surge

What is it with John McCain and surges? Democrats hated his Iraq surge. Now Republicans hate his campaign surge. Meanwhile, Iraq is looking better and better, and so are McCain’s chances for winning the Republican nomination. And in a race whose mantra seems to be “Change,” the candidate who talks least about it seems to be its strongest catalyst. Could it be that the oldest person running is the one who drags his party, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century?

In his Washington Post column today, Robert Novak posed the existential question: “Is McCain a Conservative?” and one wonders if the crippling internet failures that struck two continents this morning are the result of the right leaning blogosphere’s resounding screams of “NO,” or at least of Michelle Malkin’s confession to fellow McCain hater Glenn Beck that she’ll be staying home with Rush on election night if McCain’s the nominee.

As Riehl World View, Hugh Hewitt, Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, PoliPundit et al rail against the “liberal wolf in conservative clothing” who they fear is destroying the Reagan coalition, the “Straight Talk Express” picks up one high profile endorsement after another. Last night, Rudy.

Today, Arnold.

Not real Republicans either, claim the purists, but what can they say about the Drudge Report’s latest exclusive except “Et tu, Nancy?”