Here's the Truth: Criminals and Their Groupies Think You're Stupid

A few weeks ago, a 17-year-old Santa Clarita resident dropped his resume off at a local hobby shop in hopes of finding a job. On his way out he was caught on security video shoplifting a $129 Airsoft gun. When asked why he would steal from a store he was hoping to work at (and that had his full name, address, and phone number), the teen said:

I was actually trying to get a job. And… what can I say? I’m a teenager, that’s stupid.

While most can agree that the reporter was exceptionally generous to add a comma to that last line, what astounds me is how many people accept the premise of this thief’s excuse as an explanation for criminality. Youth and stupidity are what drive teens to knock themselves out doing back flips off vending machines. They are not what drive them to steal from people who have their personal information.

The truth is this that kid assumed that after dropping off his resume the store manager was too busy eating pennies out of the cash drawer to notice what was going on.

All criminals and their groupies think you’re stupid. They don’t just think they’re smarter than you, they assume your intellectual capacity falls somewhere between penny-eating moron on the high end and feces-flinging man monkey on the other. Criminality and support for criminals are driven by the arrogance and contemptuousness of the maladjusted, self-entitled cretins that our society produces through that strange alchemy of bad parenting, urbanization, and sad ’60s nostalgia.

Which brings me to what condescending, over-educated types call the crux of the matter (which we only do to bait commenters into posting links from Wikipedia to prove we’re using the phrase wrong and it’s a meaningless pretense). We then sit in front of our keyboards laughing derisively while yelling “Abusus non tollit usum!” to our long suffering wives. This condescension on the part of criminals and the people who love them (what we usually call liberals) is the driving force behind the moral relativism that seems to be at the root of almost every problem plaguing America.

I’ll provide examples. On November 18, PJ Media published a piece I wrote about the Penn State child rape scandal. Predictably, defenders of various players in that drama weighed in with nonsense like this:

It’s moral preening to claim that in any case of child rape anyone might ever encounter, that it is always immediately obvious that that is what is happening.

At which point, the commenter said, “You look hungry — have a penny!” before claiming that he knew a child who could pass as a “well muscled” man and that in times past 12-year-old girls got married. He then claimed that none of what he was advocating in these comments should be taken as his endorsement or acceptance of the behavior of the people involved in the Penn State case. “Agere sequitur credere!” I cry, which this person thinks is Latin for I spit out my honey-braised pennies and began flinging feces throughout my office. The right people know this means that we act according to our beliefs. In his many comments, this person made the case that “moral preening” was in some way as equally outrageous as allowing children to be sodomized. Think about that argument for a second.

How little does one think of your intellect for him to equate the “moral preening” of others to children being raped and not expect you to disagree?

Or there was this nugget:

Sure, child molestation is ugly but so is a root canal, flu and dirty diapers. These kids will get over it.

Really? I mean, really? There was a time when the moral relativist at least tried to make some sort of logical argument, but now we have people claiming that childhood sexual abuse is akin to a week with the chicken pox. To say that this argument is contra bonos mores is as charitable as it is pretentious. It is a wicked and depraved justification of evil which this person assumes you’re too distracted to recognize as you stuff your Thanksgiving turkey with copper coin stuffing.

How arrogant, how awful is the mind that conceives of a world where the rest of us accept excuse after excuse for behavior so corrupt and immoral that it literally plays a part in the decline of Western civilization? Victimized children, some now grown into adults, are re-victimized through public solidarity for their oppressor and the trivialization of the degradation inflicted upon them. This destroys the social cohesion of our nation. One of Sandusky’s alleged victims was bullied out of his school by other students who were angry that Joe Paterno got fired for not reporting the victim’s sexual abuse.

Let that sink in for a moment.

There will be many who will claim that there is no connection between teenage thieves, pro-child rape commenters, and a rape victim having to change schools because other kids there were taught to care more about some football program than right and wrong. To those I would sneer “et suppositio nil ponit in esse” while recommending they stop ingesting toxic metals. As with the arguments made by the two commenters above, simply saying something doesn’t make it true.

There is an implicit assumption in this style of argument: you’re simply too stupid to see the ridiculousness of claiming it might not be obvious when a child is being sodomized. You’re unsophisticated not to understand that child molestation is a mild inconvenience akin to seasonal flu. In the half a decade of crime blogging I’ve done I have received hundreds of comments and emails from friends and family members of rapists, child molesters, and murderers who all claim that my writing about their cases is just as bad if not worse than the crimes themselves. Imagine how dumb they must think I am to actually think they could use such an asinine argument to make me take an article down.

Just as my overuse of Latin phrases doesn’t make me smarter than the average reader, arguments based on moral relativism, circular logic, and tortured metaphors don’t make criminal enablers more intelligent than the rest of us. The real difference is that I know that to be the case; the arrogant social libertines working to gain acceptance of their own or others’ criminality have convinced themselves that they are your intellectual betters. It’s time we stopped giving credence to their selfish condescension by pretending that their pro-crime misanthropy is a valid point of view, and re-assert the truth that those who won’t accept immorality are not the ones worthy of public scorn.


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