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Women's violence against men is really dangerous

Ann Althouse a href=”http://althouse.blogspot.com/2009/12/on-night-of-crash-elin-nordegren-roused.html”makes a good point/a in response to an article that reports Elin Nordegren hit Tiger Woods with a golf club to wake him from an Ambien-induced sleep. Her response is to a commenter who thought that hitting a man with a golf club wasn’t attempted murder, but a wake up call: span style=”font-style:italic;”/spanbr /br /blockquote AllenS wrote: “Nonsense, it was a wake up call.” Now, I was going to use a “wake-up call” wisecrack in the original post. Why did I reject it? Because it would signal that women’s violence against men isn’t really dangerous, isn’t really a crime. It would say that when a woman has a righteous reason to be angry at her man, what would otherwise be a crime is not a crime. Think about how ugly it is to hit someone with a golf club while he is asleep. Did she know it was an Ambien-induced sleep — from which it will be very difficult to wake up and defend himself? How hard a swing did she take at him? It seems it was scary enough to make him run out of the house and attempt to drive — quickly — when he was in no condition to drive./blockquotebr /br /I’ll add this: it doesn’t matter if Nordegren knew Woods was in an Ambien-induced sleep. A spouse has no right to hit his or her partner with a golf club for cheating, regardless of the reason. Yell? Yes. Cry? Yes. Tell him to leave? Sure. Leave herself? Of course. br /br /But to use a weapon to whack him and run him out to the car to escape, if this is what really happened, is not the way to resolve a problem like this, nor should it be legal for a male or female to beat their spouse with a weapon for cheating. It is very dangerous in this case, because, as a man, Woods probably had no other recourse than to get in the car and get away, or face being put in jail for defending himself.