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Go red for men!

Since today is National “Go Red” for women day, cardiologist and blogger Wes Fisher a href=”http://drwes.blogspot.com/2009/02/go-red-for-men-logo-announced.html”has an idea for how to include men:/abr /blockquoteAnd now, ladies and gentleman, completely free of commercial endorsement, I’d like to announce the Go Red for Men national campaign to raise heart disease awareness in men with a new logo, available to all, and completely free of any charge or requirement to purchase a thing. /blockquotebr /br /img src=”http://www.medtees.com/blog/GoRedforMenSmall.jpg”br /br /I am glad that women are finally acknowleging heart disease, especially having had a heart attack myself. But honestly, the hype and “empowerment” mantra that goes with these types of programs for women really gets on my nerves.