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" The question is why we feel no such decency toward men and the children who love them"

Kathleen Parker at National Review (Hat tip: Cory) a href=”http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=NjIzNmI3MjI0Yzg5ZjU4NTZmOGI4NThjMzhhMzM5ZGQ”has a good piece /aon the “Bad Dad” reality show that Fox is considering:br /br /blockquoteOf those everyone loves to hate, few can compete with the deadbeat dad for longevity. br /br /How much do we hate him? While we’re counting the ways, Fox TV may try to help America organize its contempt and put a face on this loathsome character. br /br /Bad Dads, redundant in these male-bashing times, is the name of a new reality show Fox is considering. While the network reviews the pilot, outraged fathers’ advocates are trying to nip this bad seed before it buds./blockquotebr /br /Parker makes some good points about child support stats and points out the hypocrisy of a society that has no problem denigrating fathers:br /br /blockquoteClearly, some men are sinners and some women are saints. But sometimes the reverse is true. In fact, noncustodial mothers are 20 percent more likely to default on child support than noncustodial fathers, according to U.S. Census data. But we don’t see a reality show aimed at humiliating moms.br /br /Is this because women, who have had fewer opportunities historically, are viewed as more deserving of the benefit of the doubt? br /br /Or is it because civilized people would strenuously object to the public ridicule of moms whose children may be watching? br /br /It’s preferable to imagine the latter. The question is why we feel no such decency toward men and the children who love them./blockquotebr /br /Why, indeed?