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Clinton Wins Ohio, Texas, RI; McCain Clinches Nomination

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Financial Times: Hillary’s lesson – negativity still works

ABC News: Huckabee ends his campaign, pledges to support McCain

Hot Air: Huckabye-bye

Kathryn Jean Lopez: “Conclusion: Maybe there isn’t a place called ‘Hope,’ after all. (Think Huck and Bill, natives of Hope, Arkansas; Obama, resident of a fantasyland called ‘Hope.’)”

Parker’s Perspective: Hillary Isn’t a Quitter – She’s a Scorpio!

Firedoglake: This year’s primary just keeps on going and going and going – like that little pink battery bunny.

CNN: Did Rush Limbaugh make mischief for the Democrats in Texas?

Marc Ambinder: Obama calls to congratulate McCain

ABC News: Obama’s one victory of the night: Vermont

Fox News: Live results

Jonathan Alter: Hillary still has a big delegate math problem

Andrew Sullivan: “To keep oneself from despair, it does seem to me to be valid (and not just Obama spin) to recall that a short time ago, Clinton was supposed to crush Obama in both Texas and Ohio.”

CNN: Clinton wins Ohio, Texas

AP: Clinton wins Rhode Island

The Hill: Clinton cries foul in Texas; Obama lawyer hijacks call

AP: McCain clinches GOP nomination

Politico: Polls staying open late in Cleveland

Columbus Dispatch: Clinton, Obama camps see voting problems in Ohio

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Republican voters crossing over in large numbers in Ohio

James Joyner: Texas and Ohio predictions

RCP: “Despite what the polls say, the media has clearly built a sense that Obama should win today. Which means that the underdog, again despite the polls, is Clinton.”

Politico: Five reasons Hillary could come back

Campaign Spot: “Instead of thanking Republicans, if Hillary Clinton wins Texas tonight, she may say ‘muchas gracias’ to Hispanics in Texas who didn’t bother to respond to pollsters who asked questions in English.”

Columbus Dispatch: Clinton, Obama camps see voting problems in Ohio

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Questions mounting about ballot stubs

Mark Halperin: The 10 people Hillary Clinton will listen to to make her decision (IF she has one to make)

Moderate Voice: Clinton takes lead in Texas Democratic primary and among late deciders — Zogby poll

Jonathan Chait: Putting into perspective “just how difficult it would be for [the Clinton campaign] to close Barack Obama’s lead in pledged delegates.”

Raw Story: “Clinton receives support from 51 percent of probable Ohio Democratic primary voters while Barack Obama has the support of 42 percent of the same group, according to a new Ohio Poll released Monday.”

Zogby: “Too Close To Call! Obama Barely Overtakes Clinton in Ohio and Retains Small Edge in Texas — Republican McCain remains well ahead of Huckabee, but still faces some intra-party opposition.”

TalkLeft: “2/3 of Dems Say Hillary Should Stay in Race With Either Ohio or TX Win — WaPo/ABC Poll”

Hot Air: “Did Hillary just endorse John McCain for the presidency over Barack Obama?”

PoliGazette: “Hillary Leads Nationally, McCain Beats Both Dems — Rasmussen poll”

AP: “Barack Obama approached Tuesday’s voting in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont as a chance to drive rival Hillary Rodham Clinton out of the Democratic presidential contest for good. Clinton looked at the same contests as a way to end Obama’s streak of 11 straight victories and keep her candidacy alive.”

Reason: “To recap: Ron Paul might be re-elected to Congress because Republican voters are voting for Hillary Clinton to increase the chance of John McCain being elected president. Here, have some aspirin.”

Chicago Boyz: “I suggest that any GOP voter in TX or OH take a Democrat ballot and vote for Hillary.”

Marc Ambinder: Bottom Line From The Clinton Spin Call — if Clinton wins the popular vote in Ohio and Texas, she’s staying in the race. Even if she loses the delegate race in Texas.

Reuters: Obama and Clinton neck and neck in Ohio, Texas, according to polls; McCain headed for an easy victory.

Politico: Obama campaign manager David Plouffe: “If they [Hillary] do not win Texas and Ohio by healthy double digit margins – and they led by healthy double digit margins as recently as two weeks ago – they will be facing almost impossible odds to reverse the delegate math.”

This Is London: Clinton aides now insist losses in Texas and Ohio will not force her to quit race.

Financial Times: If Hillary loses either Ohio or Texas, “her bid is over barring the formalities. This is a position few expected her to be in. Not long ago, success in the primaries and victory in the general election were regarded as almost inevitable. What went wrong?”