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Thomas Sowell on Economic Facts and Fallacies

John Hawkinsa href=”http://www.rightwingnews.com/mt331/2008/02/an_interview_with_thomas_sowel.php” interviews /aThomas Sowell on his new book, a href=”http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0465003494?ie=UTF8tag=wwwviolentkicomlinkCode=as2camp=1789creative=9325creativeASIN=0465003494″emEconomic Facts and Fallacies./em/aimg src=”http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=wwwviolentkicoml=as2o=1a=0465003494″ width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” / Sowell discusses why women supposedly make 76 cents for every dollar a man makes:br /br /blockquoteThere are lots of reasons. Men and women do not work the same number of hours. They do not work in the same occupations. They do not work continuously the same, and so on. br /br /You know, if it was really true that you could hire a woman for three quarters of what you could hire a man with exactly the same qualifications, then employers would be crazy not to hire all women. It would be insane to hire men. Not only would it be insane, it would probably put them out of the business because the ones that were smart enough to hire women would have such a cost advantage that it would be really hard for the others to compete. br /br /There are lots of gross differences between men and women and other groups and some of them shocked me when I first started doing the research. For example, I found that young, male doctors make considerably more than young, female doctors. But, when I dug into it a little deeper, I discovered that young, male doctors work an average of 500 hours a year more than young, female doctors. Obviously, a doctor that works 500 extra hours is going to make more money than the other doctor./blockquotebr /br /Wow, that’s almost ten hours more per week that young male doctors work. With the a href=”http://www.boston.com/yourlife/health/diseases/articles/2006/10/02/women_doctors_their_ranks_growing_transform_medicine/”soaring number /aof women going into medicine (usually in specialties like psychiatry, pediatrics,OB/GYN and dermatology) along with the aging population and possible universal healthcare on the horizon, I wonder how this fact will play out in older patients getting the care they need.br /br /Anyway, it’s a good interview, a href=”http://www.rightwingnews.com/mt331/2008/02/an_interview_with_thomas_sowel.php”take a look./a