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What's Right with the World?

The Anchoress a href=”http://theanchoressonline.com/2008/01/30/whats-wrong-with-the-world/”asks her readers an intriguing question,/a “What’s Wrong with the World?” and answers with the words of G. K. Chesterton:br /br /blockquoteAbout 100 years ago, a British paper invited many writers to answer the same question, What’s Wrong With the World? They extended the invitation to G. K. Chesterton who wrote back,br /br /Dear Sirs;br /br /I am.br /br /Sincerely,br /G.K. Chestertonbr /br /I will take his answer for my own. Have at it./blockquotebr /br /My answer to that question is to answer it with a more important question: “What’s Right with the World?”br /br /So many times, people use negativity to describe the world and their place in it. Believe it or not, I do this myself–alot. But if you actually look at the world around us, much of it is amazing–including people. br /br /As a psychologist, I find it fascinating that people have so many different ways of viewing the world and so many different rationales for why things should be a certain way. One could get angry that we are all so different and want different things, particularly in the area of politics and how governments should behave. But perhaps there is an ebb and flow to the way that people are that help us balance each other out. Those who believe 100% in personal responsibility may tend to overlook when circumstances leave someone unable to care for themselves and they need a helping hand, whereas those who believe that the government should be the helping hand at all times may overlook the damage they are doing by not teaching people to solve their own problems. In the end, maybe we need different types of people to provide our society with different ways of viewing the world–maybe, like a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heterosis”hybrid vigor,/a this is how the world improves. br /br /Maybe much is right with the world.