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Obama's Dis-Heart-ening Behavior

David Online: Last month Barack Obama gave up wearing an American flag pin. This month it appears he has given up saluting the American flag.”

The Yankee Commentary: “Nobody asked you to sing like Hillary Clinton, but can’t you at least show some respect for the country?”

House of Eratosthenes: “I am ready for my explanation. What was going on at the moment the shutter clicked, that everyone in view has their right hand extended reverently over their hearts, and you’re just standing there like some lowbrow boob? What, they had a false start and you were the only one smart enough to figure out the music wasn’t playing yet? Maybe that’s it, or maybe you were the one slow on the uptake. Or maybe…maybe…you assumed the proper position, and microscopic aliens conspired to yank your hand down off your chest and interlace your fingers together. Or maybe it’s a Photoshop job. Or…I dunno. Fill in your own excuse. But make it good.”

Chatter By Ron Davis: “Does anyone believe that putting a hand over the heart proves “true patriotism”?”

Say Anything: If you ask me, the real scandal is that god-awful rendition of the national anthem.”