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Burma: Thousands Murdered

The BBC reports that thousands of monks detained in Rangoon will be sent to prisons in the far north of the country. Smaller-scale protests continued around the country. Burmese bloggers fear reprisals.

The ruling generals refused to meet with the UN envoy for the third day in a row.

In an unexpected turn of events, Sylvester Stallone and his Rambo sequel movie crew have witnessed human atrocities while filming along the Burmese border.

20 Alpha 4: “John Rambo – Still Fighting Commies”

Belmont Club: “I would be dishonest if I said that the road to freedom was anything else but long, wearying and full of pain. But I know that is the road that you long to take.”

Gina Cobb: “The exact death toll will never be known. It’s a travesty just the same.”

Ace of Spades: “Compare the media’s rather upfront branding of the insane Burmese regime as murderous with their solicitousness of Iran’s madmen.”

Jules Crittenden: “Maybe if America, Europe and Asia were to signal to China that “Made in China” is a no go … Beijing Olympics, no go … Supporting the sham that China is actually anything like a modern nation, no go … I bet China would hate that. Never mind the political prisoners in China. The last thing the Peoples Republic of China wants people to do is associate the Beijing Olympics, cheap toys, etc., with piles of rotting monks in the Burmese jungle.”

Talk Left: “As for what’s being done about it, not much that I can tell. The U.N. Envoy was scheduled to meet with the leaders of the Myanmar military junta but it’s now been delayed.”

Gateway Pundit: “1,974 monks and nuns who are currently being detained in InnSein GTI (General Institute of Technology) will now be transferred to Ka Baw Valley (which is a kind of prison) in Sagaing, in order to suppress their movement completely.”

Real Clear Politics: “Regimes like the SPDC do not improve with age; therefore, the Burma problem must be addressed urgently.”

JunkYardBlog: “Totalitarian governments can do this sort of thing pretty well. It’s not perfect; there are little holes and gaps, and it’s not up to the standard set forth in 1984, but they’re working on it. Governments like the PRC and Burma’s regime spend a lot of money to jam, filter, suppress, and torture sources of opposition to their rule, because they know that this technology–surveillance, blocking, and brutality–the Orwell Machine–is what keeps them in power.”

The Glittering Eye: “Whatever the reasons for the connections, China is indubitably connected with all of these countries and their ruling regimes and I believe there’s some point at which trade and aid becomes support for the regimes that rule these countries.”

Blue Crab Boulevard: “The west is talking, the junta is acting. People are dying as a result.”

Transterrestial Musings: “But such regimes can always find people who will not refuse (and some who will even take pleasure). If there is a solution to tyranny and dictatorship, it does not lie in passivity and non-violence.”

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