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Couric Bloviates on Iraq

Flopping Aces: “Its only ‘accepted’ by her cohorts in the liberal left. Iraqi’s don’t think it was a mistake, I can assure you. Neither do those fighting the war. Some leftists in our nations newspapers believe it was a mistake and now it’s ‘pretty much accepted.’ Puhlease.”

The Anchoress: “Well, if it’s ‘pretty much accepted,’ that the war was a mistake, that would be thanks in large part to the media machine that has done a great deal to help people forget why we went in there in the first place, a machine that has reported the things it has chosen to report, and left the rest to go unremarked upon. MUST we give a refresher to Ms. Couric?”

Ed Driscoll: “The Today Show, which Katie anchored for many years, is aired each morning by the National Broadcasting Corporation. I wonder if Katie is aware which nation its business name refers to?”

Vodkapundit: “Couric doesn’t want to call herself an American, but she also doesn’t want people to think she’s unpatriotic. What exactly are we supposed to think, Katie?”

Daily Kos: “Just who does Katie Couric think was going to swoop down from the skies and save her? Just who did she think were ‘the right people’ to challenge the march to war?”

Jawa Report: “Not only did CBS News anchor Katie Couric publicly confess her gross bias against the Bush administration, she implicated all the other ‘journalists’ at the National Press Club.”

NewsBusters: “Perhaps Katie was aiming to add gravitas by trying to sound like Peter Jennings, running down the Republican administration for not understanding foreign cultures and making bone-headed mistakes like disbanding Saddam Hussein’s army.”

Gateway Pundit: “Only a liberal could make this war look like a failure at the expense of the nation.”

PoliPundit: “I’m not sure what the big news is here nor am I shocked about the big reveal of her true feelings. But this one is a little disturbing; Katie agrees with Ahmadinejad.”

Scooter’s Report: “Katie Couric has certainly shown she deserves to be at the forefront of the mainline media, displaying the qualities needed to present today’s stories in an unbiased, objective matter.”

Pamibe: “I’ve always felt secure in the knowledge that the President and his advisers have access to many sources of privileged information; data that the public has not seen and should not see because it would compromise national security. So Katie and I really cannot make a value judgment because we don’t know what is really going on. I’ve always thought that Congress saw something in the data as well, otherwise they wouldn’t have overwhelmingly given the go-ahead.”