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Sarko:"An Iran armed with nuclear weapons is unacceptable."

The first challenge: “Preventing a confrontation between Islam and the Occident, which extremists groups such as Al Qaeda dream to create from Indonesia to Nigeria, a caliphate that rejects any opening, any modernity, any idea even of diversity. Were they to attain this disastrous objective, this century would undoubtedly be worse still than the prior, however marked by a confrontation without mercy between ideologies.

Second challenge : “How to integrate in the new total order the emergent giants of China, India and Brazil. While they are engines of the world’s growth, they also suffer serious imbalances. As the giants of tomorrow they want that their new status recognized without being always ready to comply with rules which are, however, in everyone’s interest.”

Third challenge : “How to face major risks as mankind’s first generation that is able to scientifically identify and treat global warming, new pandemics or the long-term viability of energy resources.”

In addition to these three challenges, President Sarkozy identified Iran as a fourth crisis: “An Iran armed with nuclear weapons is unacceptable.” France is prepared to increase sanctions is also open to dialogue if Iran chooses to meet its obligations. “This step is the only one which would avoid a catastrophic alternative : the Iranian bomb or the bombardment of Iran. This fourth crisis is undoubtedly most serious which weighs today on the international order,” and France will strive to convince Iran that it has much to gain by engaging in serious negotiations with the Europeans, the USA, China and Russia.

He did, however, accuse Russia of “a certain brutality” in its energy policy.

For Europe to attain a key role in the world, Sarkozy mentioned that the EU should strengthen militarily, France should reconcile with NATO, asked for total cooperation between all security services of all countries, and would like a larger role of the Atlantic alliance in Aghanistan, and helping in Pakistan. He wants France to encourage moderate Muslims in each Muslim country.

At the UN, “France demands new permanent members – Germany, Japan, India, Brazil,” and would like the G8 to include China, India, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa thus expanding it to a G13.

Mr. Sarkozy also announced he will attend the UN Security Council meeting of September 25 in New York.