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Off With Olmert's Head!

“Ehud Olmert. Go home. You utterly failed and betrayed the people of Israel and the House of Israel in its hour of need. Take Amir Peretz with you. We are a nation of heroes. You lead a government of craven cowards.” (Israel At Level Ground)

“Kassams are falling, the Syrians are giving off only mildly ambiguous war signals and the Iranians are regularly threatening Israel’s destruction. Maybe the report will spur Olmert into intelligent action; most likely, and regretably, we have painful months of squirming ahead of us as Israel goes slowly towards new leadership. Olmert, have some dignity and quit while you are behind.” (Jewlicious)

“Why does he refuse to resign? What about the job can still be so appealing to him? The power? Nobody will take him seriously anymore? The respect of other world leaders? He must know they probably realize he is on the way out and are already planning for post-Olmert.” (Life in Israel)