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Cho ruled mentally ill and released

Cho was ruleda href=”http://abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=3052278page=1″ mentally ill by the courts /aand released. This is quite typical, given the degree of a href=”http://www.psychlaws.org/GeneralResources/Article2.htm”deinstitutionalization/a in our country, it is a wonder we don’t have more violent people. In my documentary, emSix/em, about six teens who commit mass murder, some of them were mentally ill and the ringleader, Natasha Cornett was released a href=”http://www.sixthemovie.com/html/about_the_movie.html”after only 11 days in a mental hospital /aeven though there were documents stating she was a danger to herself and others. There is very little liability in this country when it comes to releasing the mentally ill back into the community or not taking dangerousness seriously. I once was doing an evaluation of a man who told me he was going to kill himself years ago. I called the local mental health center and they told me to “drive the guy over in my car.” The level of stupidity and incompetence in the area of mental health is staggering.