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Pajamas Weekend Review

The best of the week @ Pajamas:

Politics @ The Half-Shell: The Corn & Miniter Show – Episode 3 – With David Corn and Eli Lake

Baghdad Dispatch: Midnight Company – Omar Fadhil reports on having his home searched by American soldiers.

Sanity Squad: High Stakes Hold’em

Blog Week in Review: Can We Trust the BBC – With veteran BBC journalist Robin Aitken.

A Little War Goes A Long Way – Jules Crittenden

Wal-Mart or Hel-Mart? – Can Wal-Mart save the world and give you a nice day at the same time?

Baghdad Report:
Creating Old “Enemies” for New Wars

Diving Deeper Into the Money Bin – Veteran political analyst Bill Bradley looks at today’s big Presidential fundraising buzz and is underwhelmed.

Time to Get Out
– The Dutch are leading the way in the new exodus from Europe.

Sanity Squad: Theater of the Absurd

Night Operations on the Falluja Road
– Before the Marines can go in, the bombs have to come out.

Baghdad Report: Heavy Armor’s In

Surrenderlust: Is this the “Pack It In” phase? – Jules Crittenden