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Cathy Seipp 1957-2007

Friday, March 22: Cathy Seipp is Technorati’s Top Search right now.

Cathy’s Free: “Our friend Cathy Seipp passed away today at 2:05 pm, surrounded by her daughter Maia, her family and friends.” She was 49.

Jim Treacher writes: “God had better cancel His dinner plans, because He’s about to get an earful. If He knows what’s good for Him, He’ll just shut up and do as she says.”

Services will be held at 10 a.m. Friday at Mt. Sinai Hollywood Hills, 5950 Forest Lawn Drive, Los Angeles. Instead of flowers, Seipp had requested that people make donations to the Humane Society, or The Lung Cancer Alliance.

Her L.A. Times obituary.

Susan Estrich on Fox News on the friendship that transcended politics, Matt Welch in the L.A. Times on Cathy as the “freelancers’ patron saint.”

Hundreds of tributes from the blog world may be found HERE and HERE.

Wednesday Morning: “As of now, my mother has been fighting 48+ hours and is hanging in there and is still peacefully dozing.” — Maia Lazar, daughter

We endorse the “Love to Cathy Seipp Petition to The Universe.” You can as well. Go HERE.

Via The Corner: “She currrently rates higher than Paris Hilton on Technorati. As it should be. ”

UPDATE: “Thanks to everyone who posted. As of 7:45am this morning she is still breathing and pulsing but is passing peacefully.” — Maia Lazar, daughter

“The doctor says she has a couple days left. I want to thank all her readers for reading this blog, her friends for supporting her who made up “Team Cathy.” Through you all, I learned what a true friend was. I’m at her bedside now, holding her hand. I tell her she has 292 comments on the latest blog post..her last but she just squeezes my hand. She was very happy with this blog. In honor of her, if you can…support the American Lung Cancer Society and or adopt stray dogs and cats from the pound. Those were her causes. Thank you all so much. Will keep everyone posted.” — Maia Lazar, daughter

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