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Fox News and Non-Verbal Body Language

Do you ever watch the body language of some of the liberal guests on Fox News? Last night, I watched a href=”http://www.michellemalkin.com/”Michelle Malkin /ahosting the emO’Reilly Factor /emand started to notice all the squirming in their seats and eye darting on the part of her guests of the liberal persuasion. Typically when you see a guest with a liberal point of view on emToday/em, emWorld News Tonight/em, or any other liberal news program, meaning basically all of them except Fox News, they look rather confident, particularly if they are regular commentators. However, last night, one of the guests of Michelle’s, an immigration activist, looked like he was gearing up for a boxing match rather than a discussion. His eyes darted back and forth and he looked quite uncomfortable, and probably with good reason. When your argument for immigration consists of saying something like, “Well, there are hundreds of millions of illegal immigrants all over the world, and the United States only has 6% of them–so what’s the problem?” then maybe you emshould/em look uncomfortable because you would have to know deep down that your argument lacks the logic to stand up to scrutiny. When Katie Couric bats her eyelashes at you and coos in sympathy to your left leaning cause, you just don’t need to get that worked up, but when you are challenged by the likes of Michelle Malkin, the eye darting and seat shifting begin.br /br /In another segment, a Democratic strategist, Julie Roginsky, is talking with Michelle and a Republican strategist about the Edwards blogger fiasco. The Democratic strategist looks like she is geared up for a fight, her eyes are flashing and she looks ready ready to swing–but she also looks out of her element. She is geared up for a challenge and she must realize to some extent that her slanderous excuses for Edward’s poor judgement in hiring bloggers will not hold up–her body language gives her away. “Look, McCain hired an anti-semitic blogger for his campaign,” she states. Perhaps Roginsky should check her notes again and a href=”http://hotair.com/archives/2007/02/16/video-michelle-strategists-on-fmr-edwards-bloggers-talking-points-mixed-up/”see that she made/a a “mistake.” If she didn’t feel uncomfortable while in the studio, then maybe she will when bloggers rake her over the coals. The time for getting away with any left-leaning statement as if it were fact is over, and maybe the liberals are just starting to figure that out–and thus the discomfort.br /br /So next time you watch Fox News, take a look at the body language of the liberal guests as compared to the conservative guests. You will often see the liberal display a defensive stance, darting eyes and shifting in their seat. The discomfort could just be fear of being challenged, but my guess is, that deep down, many of these people know that their arguments do not hold water and what they can get away with on regular news segments no longer works on emFox News/em. It’s no wonder liberals hate it so much.