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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my readers and others out there surfing the internet. I typically don’t make any New Year’s resolutions. No, I don’t think I am fine the way I am as much as I sort of evaluate any changes I need to make all year long and try to make changes or adjustments as the year goes by rather than all at once. However, this year, I do have a resolution I want to try and keep–to have a thicker skin and not let people or their comments bother me. I am fairly a href=”http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/imperturbable”imperturbable/a when it comes to personal insults or criticisms but there are times when I realize that I am letting people get to me more than I should. I hope that this year, I can actually learn to ignore people’s insults completely–yet at the same time, I want to take constructive well-meaning and well thought out criticism to heart. Thanks to all the trolls who have come to this blog in the past year and helped me learn to work on my tolerance of stupidity and classlessness. You can continue to be part of my psychological growth project in the coming year if you wish or you can decline to participate in my psychological health by going elsewhere. br /br /What about you, do you make any New Year’s resolutions? If so, do you actually keep them?