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This is the way the Mideast ends, not with a whimper....

Two PajamasXpress writers are looking at the top question of 2007, “Oh my, whatever shall we do with Iran?”

Claudia Rosett is looking at a first-strike: “Even if it’s impossible to track down every iota of Iran’s sprawling nuclear program, it ought to be at least feasible to target the known nuclear-related installations, assorted crucial ministries, and enough in the way of Iran’s oil-export and gasoline-import facilities to give Ahmadinejad & Co. a deadly serious message of disapproval, backed by a large repair bill – costing not only money, but the precious element of time.” (The Rosett Report)

Not so fast, says Ron Rosenbaum, who examines the second-strike realities: “In the nuked-Israel scenario, it will likely be in the hands of the commanders of Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear armed missiles. Probably those three Dolphin Class subs the Israelis bought from the Germans.” (RonRosenbaum.com)