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Lethal Lady

On the right side of my side bar, you will see a blog ad advertising for a href=”http://www.lethallady.com/home.html”Lethal Lady/a. I accept most ads unless they are pro-Nazi or child porn etc. so I clicked on accept for this particular ad. There is nothing wrong with it, I just find it a bit of a mystery. As you can see, Lethal Lady is advertising products with her picture on it in various costumes. I guess she wants people to buy them but why? I read her a href=”http://www.lethallady.com/about_me”about me section /abut was left just as confused. She states that she is a 62-year-old grandmother who was abandoned by her husband and lost her job because of her age. What is the point of selling the products she does? Is she trying to make a statement that women over sixty should flaunt their sexuality? If so, fine, make the statement but it is not clear. Is she trying to say that she is a a href=”http://www.lethallady.com/about_me””discharged”/a lady who is trying to make a living off of her products because she has no means of support and needs help? I am not sure or maybe I am just slow. I do not mean any disrespect to Lethal Lady, I am just not sure what she is peddling and she never seems to tell her audience either. Any readers out there know?