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Would You Buy this Book?

Hog on Ice a href=”http://www.hogonice.com/2006/11/oliver_willis_must_be_sore_today.html”has a good question /a about all the one-sided self-help advice out there:br /br /blockquoteHere is my question. Self-help experts tell us men need to change. Men need to be sensitive and submissive and put products in their hair and use moisturizer, because if we don’t, it makes women feel bad. Okay, it makes us feel bad when women yammer all day. So why aren’t the experts telling women to shut up?br /br /Here’s a thought. Maybe it’s because ninety percent of self-help customers are women. They pay idiots like Oprah and Dr. Phil to tell them they’re right about everything, and they get what they want. If I wrote a book called Keep Your Man by Shutting up Once in a While and Occasionally Putting Out When You Don’t Want Something, I’d be preaching a vital and timely message. But nobody would buy it./blockquotebr /br /Would you?