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Podcast with Irish TV Reporters

Have you ever wondered what people in other countries think of our politics and how they perceive our upcoming elections? Mark Little and Ken O’shea of the Irish TV program a href=”http://www.rte.ie/news/2006/1019/primetime.html”Prime Time/a–a kind of Irish version of Nightline–were in Knoxville to cover the Ford/Corker race and met up with us at a href=”http://www.calhouns.com/”Calhoun’s Barbeque/a. We talk with them about politics, religion, and American society from an outsider’s perspective and what they have learned by visting the villes so far, Ashville, Knoxville, and Nashville.br /br /You can listen to the podcast a href=”http://richmedia.pjmedia.com/audio/politicscentral/glenn_helen_show/20061106-LittleOShea.mp3″here,/a if for no other reason than to hear their lovely Irish accents (and they’re smart and interesting too!). you can get a lo-fi version suitable for dialup by clicking a href=”http://politicscentral.com/2006/11/05/the_glenn_and_helen_show_a_for.php”here/a and selecting the lo-fi version. Better still, you can subscribe via iTunes by a href=”http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=116559643s=143441″clicking here./a If you would like to listen to more of our podcasts, go to our podcast archive at a href=”http://glennandhelenshow.com/”GlennandHelenshow.com/a. br /br /This podcast is sponsored by Volvo at a href=”http://www.volvocars.us/”volvocars.us/a.a href=”http://richmedia.pjmedia.com/audio/politicscentral/glenn_helen_show/20061106-LittleOShea.mp3″/a