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New York to Ban Trans Fats?

Dave at the a href=”http://www.thecrisper.com/”Crisper Blog /a has the lowdown on a href=”http://thecrisper.com/index.php/2006/09/26/nyc-explores-banning-trans-fats/”NYC banning trans fatty acids /ain restaurants. Can the government really operate like a nanny state and tell people what to put in their bodies? I say, “no,” it should not. I do not care that it may be unhealthy–the overriding principle is that people have the right to choose what to put in their bodies, no matter what. Why not just have the restaurant list the amount of trans fat on their menu? Then consumers can decide if this is right for themselves. How can citizens ever learn personal responsibility if their choices are made for them by those who “know best?”