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Marrying Well....Make That, Why Marry?

I started out this post thinking I would be writing about all the wonders of marrying well (I did, but that is a whole other story) but after reading over some of the reasons men don’t want to marry, I started wondering if marriage was such a good deal for men. I have read recently that fewer and fewer men are getting married. Perhaps this is for the best but when I read a href=”http://bornavol.blogspot.com/2006/01/to-date-of-not-to-date.html”stories like this/a, I feel sad. Maybe I shouldn’t and men who don’t marry really have the best deal, but I can’t help but feel that some men who want families will miss out because of politics and really bad advice. a href=”http://www.ejfi.org/Civilization/Civilization-9.htm”Here is an example /aof the political problems men feel they face in marriage:br /br /blockquoteMen are refusing to marry, says a report just released from Rutgers University. Professor David Popenoe attributes his finding to a fear of “commitment” by men and the ease of obtaining sex outside marriage.br /br /Yet the men themselves express a weightier explanation of why they fear marriage: For many men, starting a family is a one-way ticket to jail, and even worse. Glenn Sacks and Dianna Thompson, [in the preceding article], found that many men now realize that any family they start can simply be taken away from them at any time, through forced divorce. Worse, once you have a child you become a likely candidate for false accusations of molestation, impossible child support payments, jail, and suicide./blockquotebr /br /Here is a href=”http://www.nomarriage.com/why_men_should_not_marry.html”some of the advice /aguys are getting from other men about marriage:br /br /blockquoteWhat I’m saying is that human beings are nasty weak treacherous creatures that are for the most part totally untrustworthy. Experience is my basis for this statement, both mine and others who I know or who have written reliable histories. If you can find a woman to be your companion who is not treacherous, a deceitful little actress, a sly whore or a manipulative nag or a shrieking hag, then you are among the lucky few. Congratulations. I hope your luck continues to hold out./blockquotebr /br /Wow…are women that bad? I would think there would be some really wonderful women out there who would make great companions. Hint–it’s probably not the one who wants a $10,000.00 engagement ring from a guy who makes only double that a year. br /br /Are there any guys out there who have had some positive experiences with marriage that you could share?