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The 10 Most Disturbing Palestinian Propaganda Videos

10. The Al-Dura Libel

As the war in Gaza rages, Hamas—the Palestinian terror organization that rules Gaza and also enjoys great popularity in the West Bank—is naturally resorting to propaganda imagery to try to portray Israel as a vicious, immoral slayer of civilians. Of course, some Gazan civilians are getting killed and injured—for reasons that many have pointed out, particularly Hamas’s systematic use of the civilian population as human shields.

Palestinian propaganda has a long and inglorious history, and now is a good time to look at the most egregious examples and get an idea of what Israel is up against. Along with the “Pallywood” genre of fraudulent claims against Israel, both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, the Fatah-led government of the West Bank, systematically cultivate outright hatred of Israel and Jews.

The case of the supposed killing of the Palestinian boy Muhammad al-Dura by Israeli forces in a September 2000 firefight in Gaza was Pallywood’s greatest triumph, because the alleged crime was used to incite a whole population into murderous rage and attacks against Israelis. But as was proved by the intrepid French media analyst Philippe Karsenty and others, the charge was a fraud; not only could al-Dura not possibly have been shot by the Israeli troops because of their physical location, but it turned out he was not shot—or killed—at all. See al-Dura’s supposedly dead form miraculously “move” at 2:40, and note the total absence of blood.

9. Returned From the Dead

Another “miraculous” case of resurrection occurred during the April 2002 battle between Israeli forces and Palestinian terror organizations in Jenin on the West Bank. At the time, the Palestinians spread wild rumors about Israeli massacres, which even the very pro-Palestinian United Nations found to be false. In this scene filmed back then by an Israeli drone, a dolorous procession in Jenin is carrying a supposed dead victim of Israeli aggression on a stretcher. Problem is, they drop the stretcher twice, and both times the “corpse”—somehow infused with life again—climbs back on it.


8. Instant Miracle Cure

Here we find the Pallywood genre alive and well ten years later, in 2012, with Palestinians manipulating CNN—not too resistant to being bamboozled, of course—into portraying Palestinians as piteous victims. The guy lying prostrate at 00:10, and being urgently carried away to a supposed ambulance, indeed looks pretty pathetic. It’s just that, at 00:52…he’s baaack, up on his feet, intact.

7. Kill Them All

Not surprisingly, people who have no scruples when it comes to spreading lies about Israel will have no restraints when it comes to inculcating murderous hatred and delegitimization of Israel and of Jews in general. Here, on Hamas TV last May, the funny bee teaches the girls to pound Jews’ faces into tomatoes, throw stones at them, and if that’s not enough—kill them. “All of them.” No talk of Israelis here—just Jews. The girls are cute all right, but they’re being instilled with a genocidal mentality at a very young age. What a surprise that Gaza is at war with Israel….

6. Two-State Solution, Anyone?

That’s Hamas, but what about the Palestinian Authority on the West Bank—the “moderates” with whom Israel is always being pressured to have a peace process? Well, the kids here, also last May, aren’t being taught anything about a “two-state solution” by their teachers. They’re being taught instead, on official PA TV, that “There is no such thing as Israel,” and that “All of Palestine will return to us, Allah willing.” All Israeli cities and towns belong to them, and get those polytheists out of Jerusalem! Does John Kerry watch these?

5. The Art of Portraiture

Here’s PA TV again. The artist proudly points to his work, and the “Zionist” creature is indeed pretty terrifying, a dragon with a Palestinian child dangling from his mouth, another draped over his bayonet, and a Star of David on his black cap. If you were a Palestinian, would you make peace with this creature?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyRLyXCj3Lg

4. Monkeys and Pigs

Dehumanizing a category of people, portraying them as various kinds of animals and monsters, is known to be a precursor of genocide; the Nazis excelled at it. Here we’re still with the official TV channel of “peacemaker” Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority. But for these girls, the ostensible peace partners are “murderers of Allah’s prophets,” “brought up on spilling blood,” the “most evil among creations.” And don’t leave out “barbaric monkeys and wretched pigs,” destined to be vomited out of Jerusalem. Isn’t it nice to know that there’s a “moderate,” “secular” branch of the Palestinians?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LB7nMZOjxyw

3. Start Em Young

And here we’re back with Hamas in Gaza. If the videos so far have been making you feel optimistic, this one should clinch it for you. What’s a child but a future martyrdom-seeker, a furious lion in intensive military training? Since knives, pistols, and machine guns are the key to the future, why lose any time learning how to use them?

2. Hamas’s Idea of Glory

On April 7, 2011, a 16-year-old Israeli boy named Daniel Viflic went for a ride in a school bus with the driver, a friend, near Gaza. Hamas terrorists fired an antitank missile at the school bus. The driver was only lightly injured, but Daniel was critically wounded and died a few days later. Here Hamas lovingly recaps the act of child murder. What kind of organization, what kind of ideological movement, what kind of society takes this much pride in killing an unarmed kid?

1. The Word From on High

And here, finally, we’re back again with the Palestinian Authority, a snippet from a televised sermon. This one is short and speaks for itself, but note again that the reference is to Jews, not Israelis. If you’ve been to Israel and seen a lot of soldiers around, now you know why.