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Expose the Party Crashers

[Updated: PJTV will be making the “Expose the Party Crashers” movement a major focus of our Tax Day coverage. Along with that, we have a new email address: [email protected]. See at the end of the article for more information.]


On Tax Day, April 15, tea party activists plan to demonstrate all over the country.  Pajamas Media and PJTV, of course, plan to cover this nationwide (and don’t forget, we’re still looking for citizen journalists for PJTV).

Apparently, the tea parties are beginning to worry the left. Having failed to convince people the tea parties are extreme, racist, and violent, they’ve decided to take matters into their own hands. If the tea party activists won’t cooperate by being racist and extreme, those behind the “Crash The Tea Party” website have another idea: go to the tea parties and provide their own racist, violent (or simply stupid and misspelled) signs, and disrupt the demonstrations.

We know from previous experience that as soon as anyone puts up a racially charged sign or suggests anything but peaceful non-violent protest, there will be immediate calls for everyone to the right of Karl Marx to immediately disavow the people involved. (It appears that sometimes the calls to disavow the actions actually precede the event, in fact.)

Of course, whatever the source, racially charged language, threats or actual violence are unacceptable, whether it’s some misguided soul working independently or a false-flag demonstrator trying to manufacture an incident.


So let’s work together to beat them at their own game. If you see anyone with an offensive sign, take a picture of it and forward it to us at Pajamas Media. Mail it to our tips address ([email protected] new address: [email protected]) and we’ll publish it, along with an explicit statement that this doesn’t reflect the real tea party spirit. Try to get the person’s face, so they can be properly shamed.

Of course, if they’re leftists flying under a false racist flag, they will also have their faces and signs published. They’ll also be derided, just as if they’re real racists. If their friends happen to see them, along with their sign, any conclusions they draw will be their own.


As you’ve seen at the top of this piece, PJTV is now making the “Expose the Party Crashers” movement a major focus.  As well as calling on Tea Partiers to send us photos of any racial or offensive signs ([email protected] remember), we will be covering them in our live TV coverage all day on the 15th. We’ll keep you updated on the details.

In the mean time, here is some guidance in bullet points to make it easy to remember:

Things to do:

  • DO get photos or video of any offensive signs or behavior — racist signs, signs connecting O’s administration to Nazis, anti-Semitic signs, signs calling for violence — and send them to [email protected].
  • DO inform them calmly and civilly that the signs and behavior are unwelcome.
  • DO get pictures including the faces of people holding and standing with the offensive signs, and context.
  • DO have “Infiltrator” and “Brought to you by…” signs as described in the comments, and stay close to the offensive signs so it’s hard for the legacy media to single them out.
  • DO capture video of people shouting offensive words or slogans.  Loudly — but calmly and civilly — challenge them for the misbehavior, and get that on video, so it’s clear it was denounced at the time.
  • DO assume people with their faces covered, especially with a balaclava or ski mask, are not your friend.
  • DO report any harassment or assaults to the police, and capture that report on video as well, if possible.  (I learned this at the Democratic Convention in 2008: after Michelle Malkin was mobbed and I was assaulted, I reported it to the police, who said, “Shall I call an ambulance?”  I eventually got an apology from the Denver PD, but it would have been a much bigger thing for them had we had video. And don’t forget, Alex Jones really is a consummate ass.)
  • DO KEEP YOUR COOL.  Keep calm.  Be nice. These people are agents provocateurs, and the worst thing you can do to them is not be provoked.

Things not to do:

  • DO NOT confront offensive protesters any more strongly than to tell them they’re unwelcome.
  • DO NOT make any attempt to force people to leave, or do anything they don’t want to do.
  • DO NOT make any concerted attempt to figure out if someone is a “real” Tea Partier or a plant.  If they’re being offensive, get their pictures, send them in. No one with a racist sign is a friend of the Tea Party movement, no matter how much they say they are on the Tea Party’s side.

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