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Dems Declare War on Gold

In America, the political right seems perpetually mystified by the political left. Republican luminaries view Democrats as they wish them to be rather than how they are. Their confusion is self-imposed as they refuse to acknowledge our adversaries’ bad faith. Despite our president making clear on the campaign trail that his goal was “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” many conservatives mistook hope for truth. They presupposed Barack Obama would govern as a moderate. They were very wrong. Even dubbing Mr. Obama the second coming of Jimmy Carter is wishful thinking.

The neo-socialists currently in charge of both the legislative and executive branches of government embrace collective salvation and regard the creation of an omnipresent Leviathan as utopia.

With so many fragile egos and infantile desires vested in Barack Obama’s malignant uber-statism, it is not surprising that the left’s leaders have no qualms about squashing and silencing any individual who jeopardizes their version of “progress.”

Who is enemy number one? Certainly, names like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, and Sarah Palin readily provoke their mandibular reflex. Yet Representative Anthony Weiner’s recent *itch trial concerning one of the most treasured elements on earth — gold — illustrates that Democrats harbor hate for more than humanity alone.

Rep. Weiner’s motivations are comically transparent. Gold is the nemesis of leftists everywhere. It is the best example of the canary in the coalmine when it comes to the economy. Its surge in value illustrates the futility of the federal government accumulating debt along with the public sector’s takeover of private industry.

The noble metal is more than a canary. It is a sullen gladiator in the corner who does not find your jokes funny. Toxic is Obama’s economy. At 9.5 percent, our unemployment rate is a scandal. We have lost more jobs than we have created. Contrary to what the administration boasts, they have not succeeded in stimulating the economy.

Government Housing Inc. is dumping their booty for far less than what it is worth and we are on pace for 1,000,000 foreclosures this year. The Federal Reserve has printed money en masse which is precisely why gold and other commodities skyrocketed in worth since the financial debacle began.

Rather than term the policy “running the presses 24/7,” Mr. Bernanke and company bureau-coat it as “quantitative easing.” The government action is termed ex nihilo for a reason. It is a habit they are incapable of breaking and one that directly impacts the price of gold. Thanks to our ruling elite, serious inflation is coming. Gold is the cure.

Lots of people are unaware of this reality due to the duplicity of the Democrats and the independent contractors who advocate for them within the mainstream media.

Like the rest of his ilk, Rep. Weiner understands that gold’s amazing advance by itself is convincing proof of government mismanagement. This makes the metal his foe. His response is to attack those who sell it. Gold retail outlets conspicuously sponsor conservative VIPs on radio and television which makes them attractive targets.

Already, the left has organized a massive and largely successful boycott against any corporation or entity that dares to advertise on Glenn Beck’s show. Yet some, like Goldline International, have resisted. Enter Rep. Weiner.

To leftist control freaks, a company’s refusal to adhere to their will provokes and infuriates. That some corporations have the nerve to pretend that their purpose is to make a profit rather than assist the Democrats with social engineering schemes exasperates further.

Thus, with revenge in mind, New York’s would-be Vyshinsky issued a hollow report in May titled “As Seen on TV: An Investigation of Goldline International.”

Part of the indict reads:

Goldline International has been in business since 1960, but has gained national prominence recently by sponsoring conservative talk show hosts. These paid spokespeople have happily agreed to promote Goldline by playing off the fear of inflation, to encourage people to purchase gold as an investment that will protect them from an out of control government.

Well, part of this assessment is accurate. Investing in gold is a product of fear, but investor fears in 2010 are completely rational. If people like Weiner did a better job of treating federal funds as their own we would not be in this mess.

The main reason Goldline is under investigation can be found in the first sentence. They are guilty of funding conservative programs which makes them felons in Weiner’s book. These are the tactics of a true Alinskyite.

As we saw with Target, leftists will not rest until every corporation in America is terrified  to donate to conservative candidates or even saying anything good about the free market.

In full disclosure, this writer is one of the poor dupes who believe that precious metals are superior to Federal Reserve Notes when it comes to wealth preservation. For about ten months, I’ve been an avid purchaser of silver. Contrary to Rep. Weiner’s assumption, my interest was not a product of Beckian brainwashing. It came from reading books and studying the current crisis.

Unlike the cheap, weathered FRNs stored in my wallet [mostly singles regrettably], metals like gold and silver function as real money. This has been true since the heyday of the Lydian Empire.

Rep. Weiner thinks otherwise. He chided one of Goldline’s vice presidents, saying, “If you’re holding a bunch of Swiss francs when the economy collapses, good luck buying a loaf of bread with that.”

Here one wonders if the dictionary will start running a picture of Anthony Weiner next to the word “obtuse.” He was making reference to the Vreneli Swiss 20 francs coin that Goldline claims is very popular. However, its value in francs has nothing to do with its worth. Its high price is a product of its composition (90 percent gold) and weight (6.45 grams).

Once again we see that the term regressive as opposed to progressive better describes the membership of the Democratic Party. Somehow leftists missed out on the fact that the world — of which they are purportedly “citizens” — treasures gold more than ever. Even the poorest of nations recognizes its excellence.

Americans do as well. Last spring an ATM dispensing gold was installed in Abu Dhabi. Two hundred more machines are planned for Europe. Gold ATMs are also coming to the United States. Initially, they will be placed in Las Vegas and Florida, but 35 other locations will follow.

The lesson to be learned from the Weiner affair is that gold is a farce when you’re a farce. Leftists really are drones. Upon hearing that conservatives are attracted to precious metals they automatically decide that procuring them is a pointless pursuit.

Mother Jones even titled their article on the Congressional burlesque, “Beck’s Favorite Gold Company Goes To Washington.” That an association with a person detested by the left discredits an exquisite commodity showcases how mindless and consumed by ideology these statists are.

Luckily, just as gold is real money, conservatives are real people. We are not ideological constructs. Barack Obama’s enjoyment of golf does not render that activity beyond the pale. Those on the right use merit, rather than groupthink, to evaluate the utility of ideas and interests.

Any sensible person who examined the method by which the government has flooded the market with currency would comprehend that putting their savings in a vehicle unaffected by the Federal Reserve’s manipulation was the smart thing to do.

Yet leftists are not sensible. They are addicted to emotion and its accompanying flotsam and jetsam. They look down on precious metals simply due to our being interested in them. In the old days we used to call persons who did such things children. Now … we call them Democrats.

Regardless of how the administration spins it, nearly every American is concerned about the economy. When people are scared they turn to what is true, which explains fully the appeal of gold.

The left has extended their irrational war on America to include an element bigger than the Democratic Party. Gold undeniably benefits its holder more than a check from a Great Society program. Yes, neo-statists are pompous laughingstock. Fortunately, soon they will be as broke as Social Security.