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Moron Time With Barry, Andy, and Gaga

You don’t have to be a fan of The Doors to recognize that “strange days have found us.” America used to be the sole country founded on an excellent idea. Now our land brims with emotion addicts. The same can be said of our politics. Twenty-five hundred years ago it was a stolid affair. In 2010, politics is an open air video game dominated by circus freaks. At a time in which our republic appears on the brink of financial dissolution, some of its most shallow citizens are driving the news cycle. Their intervention is helpful and evidences the truth behind the cliché “stupid is what stupid does.”

First there was Andy Griffith of television fame. He recorded a commercial in honor of ObamaCare. The sage of Mayberry graced the airwaves for the purposes of celebrating the 45th anniversary of Medicare. Despite being a man of tremendous wealth, the government bankrolled his ad.

Indeed, $700,000 of our tax dollars were spent for the purposes of brainwashing drumming up support among seniors for a statist power grab. The level of analysis from this long-time leftist, who has come full circle, reverting back to “Lonesome Rhodes,” the Olbermann-esque character that launched his career, was truly worthy of the Democratic Party.

No specifics, drawbacks, tax increases, or abridgements of freedom were addressed. Instead, we got treacle:

This year, like always, we’ll have our guaranteed benefits and with the new health care law, more good things are coming. Free checkups, lower prescription costs, and better ways to protect us and Medicare from fraud. See what else is new. I think you’re going to like it.

Well, I guess “totalitarianism is coming” wouldn’t have been as catchy. However, it is not clear why 2,000-plus pages of legalese — that not even our legislators can understand — was needed were the bill a simple improvement upon the present system.

ObamaCare was crafted by our elites. Missouri put the initiative before its voters and they soundly rejected it by a three to one margin. Hopefully, this outcome will alert Mr. Griffith of its coercive aspects.

That he overlooked them is typical. Democrats pervasively reject cost/benefit analysis. They have no choice in the matter. Integral to being a party drone is the belief that whatever your side does is awesome and whatever the other does is evil.

A perfect example of this conformist mindset was evident during the president’s recent appearance on The View. Joy Behar, one of the program’s hosts, listed as accomplishments … everything Obama has done.

She announced, “You’ve signed 200 plus laws since you’re in office, financial reform has taken place, you’ve got health care, two women on the Supreme Court … and yet the right wing, through Fox News and other outlets, seem to be hijacking the narrative.”

Here Ms. Behar seemed incapable of distinguishing between action and achievement. A trained parrot can sign a bill. It is only noteworthy should that signature produce laws which aggregately improve upon the status quo.

However, history teaches us that most of what Congress passes is short-sighted and disastrous. In light of the socialist misadventure that has been Obama’s reign thus far, we all would have been better off had he vacationed for the past year-and-a-half.

In the spirit of “all is well … always,” Andy Griffith left out of his sound bite the $529 billion that Congress ripped out of Medicare.

Enrollees in Medicare Advantage will suffer a cut in benefits beginning in 2012.

Luckily, Andy’s not worried. Nineteen-sixty-five was a good year.

In the sixties, we had freedom riders. In 2010, we have dumbo riders. Reverend Al Sharpton, an honorary doctor of irrationality, demanded that the public respond to the passage of Arizona’s [for the record, “noncontroversial”] immigration law by initiating mass freedom walks.

The remedial Sharpton wondered, “What is the difference between us and any Mexican or any Haitian or anyone else?” Thanks for asking, Al. Enlightening the unenlightened was never so easy.

The disparity between an illegal alien and an American is that one is a citizen and the other … is not. Obviously, ethnicity has nothing to do with citizenship. How could it?

America is the most fair, kind, and non-discriminatory nation on this earth. We let in a massive amount of immigrants each year and do not weed them out based on their ability or what they have to offer.

This is the opposite of what is done in Mexico. There immigrants are blocked from entry if their presence upsets the nation’s demographic composition. Whether Mexican President Felipe Calderón has acquired any shame after predicting that the law’s passage would usher in intolerance and hate is unknown.

Fortunately, pop sensation Lady Gaga gave her own take on the events in Arizona. She is not believed to have walked to the Copper State, but the substance of her proclamation would meet with the approval of Reverend Sharpton, the DNC, and MSLSD.

During a concert in Phoenix, after first congratulating herself on her bravery, Ms. Gaga showered lowest decile rated Oprahatics upon her audience:

I’ll tell you what we have to do about SB1070. We have to be active. We have to actively protest … because you’re a superstar no matter who you are or where you come from and you were born that way. … I will yell and I will scream louder and I will hold you and we will hold each other and we will peaceably protest. And do not be afraid because if it wasn’t for all of you immigrants this country wouldn’t have s***.

Not to be conspiratorial, but the whereabouts of Barack Obama’s teleprompter could not be determined on that night. One quite naturally wonders if that magisterial contraption was situated just out of camera’s reach and fed Lady Gaga words worthy of a stage bookended by Greek columns.

Based on her use of the vapid phrase “you’re a superstar no matter who you are” alone we can be certain that Lady Gaga is an ignoramus. With no education, no experience with the general population, and no thoughts politically incorrect we should value her insight no more than we would the collected poems of a capybara.

Yet we are not supposed to dismiss her kind. Fifty years ago you could call a moron a moron and a skank a skank. Now we must regard a 24-year-old know-nothing as a genius.

The “youth culture” is a toxic legacy of the 1960s. It fools the most privileged among us into thinking that they have something to say. Generally, they do not, but the Democratic Party covets their allegiance. Without the uninformed they’d be asphalt.

Once people learn about inflation and the futility of printing money, and that the war on poverty only managed to produce more poverty, neo-liberalism no longer impresses as sophisticated or smart.

Lady Gaga’s brief monologue revealed just how bereft of argument your average leftist is. The equating of immigrant with “illegal immigrant” has been ubiquitous throughout this debate. They conveniently omit the fact that only illegals are targeted in Arizona and everywhere else.

In the emotion-plex that is our polis, point/counter-point cogitation is precluded. Debate usually begins and ends with words that end in “ist” or “ism.”

Sure, Lady Gaga is low functioning and vile, but what she said was less reprehensible than what Representative Pete Stark asked of a Minuteman during a town hall meeting.

In answer to a question, Stark slandered the man with: “Who are you going to kill today?” Nice argument! Of course, the Minutemen are a non-violent organization. They have murdered exactly … no one.

However, just in case Lady Gaga is open to instruction I will elucidate why immigration controls and bills such as the one Arizona passed are badly needed.

What makes a country a country are its borders. Should it not defend them then it is more sixties commune than nation. Barriers must not be broached, which is an eventuality our southern neighbor emphatically recognizes.

Moreover, we, as Americans, should collectively decide who joins us on these shores. Let’s work out amongst ourselves how many immigrants we would like to admit. It is unacceptable that the per annum figure changes every year.

In 2009, 1.1 million persons received citizenship. I think that too large a number. While the Obama administration disagrees, it is we, the people, who should ultimately decide.

Yes, it’s a dated concept, but our politicians are supposed to go Washington, D.C., to represent our views. Not vice-versa.

No doubt America has entered a period of serious decay. Current trends are not promising. The superficiality of our public debate only confirms this decline. Delineating the views of prominent Democrats from those of bags of fur like Griffith and Gaga is no longer an easy task.

Yet Moron Time does not have to last forever. Voting the leftists out of Congress this November will begin the process of restoring both freedom and America.