Google Is Completely Out of Control

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PJ Media, like all independent conservative/populist media outlets, is constantly demonetized by Google.

(Emphasis on “independent; we’re not competing on an even playing field with certain unnamed “conservative” outlets that are boosted in the algorithms via sweetheart Silicon Valley deals and then pretend they are besieged by “cancel culture,” nor are we talking about legacy media behemoths like Fox News that are not throttled in the same manner.)


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A little definitional housekeeping: by “demonetized,” we mean that any article smeared by the fickle Google gods with this black mark of shame is no longer eligible to host Google ads, which means it cannot generate any ad revenue for the company.

Many readers might be generally aware of the demonetization warfare tactic designed to suppress dissident media but may not be aware of just how many PJ Media articles are demonetized on a regular basis, which has the intended effect of crippling revenue and, ultimately, putting us out of business forever.

So, just how many PJ Media articles has Google demonetized?

One? Two? A dozen?

Oh, you sweet summer child!

The answer is 109.

Google currently has attached “demonetized” flags to 109 PJ Media articles.

Here we have the complete list of demonetized PJ Media articles:

Demonetized PJ Media Articles - PJMedia (1) by PJ Media on Scribd

The long and short of it is that any article that touches, even tangentially, on any of these pet projects of the corporate state gets the automatic demonetization hammer:

  • Transgenderism
  • Climate Change™
  • “Election integrity”
  • COVID-19 and the pharmaceutical industry broadly
  • Any esoteric Current Thing™ (a colloquialism for a popular narrative being foisted on the public via astroturfed, controlled media)

We would be lying if we claimed that this demonetization assault didn’t take its toll on PJ Media's fiscal health.

Fortunately, there is a solution: you, the reader. You have the power to bulletproof us from this censorship regime so that it doesn’t matter how aggressively Google suppresses our ad revenue by becoming a VIP member.

If you appreciate the independent journalism we offer at PJ Media, free of corporate slant or state censorship, consider lending financial support to our heavily censored operation. Use the code SAVEAMERICA to get 50% off your annual membership. That takes the price down to around $2/month for a standard membership and $4/month for VIP GOLD. 

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