'Trans' Man Who Invaded Wyoming Sorority Plays Violin for Himself on MSNBC

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The six-foot-two man with a formidable, decidedly unladylike jawline who recently won a lawsuit filed against the national chapter of sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG) — an LGBTQ+++™ victory that, in effect, forces the group to accept him against the wishes of several female members — has taken to MSNBC to air his limitless victimhood, which the diverse news actress is all too eager to accommodate.


The MSNBC news actress sets the tone by billing this man as a “very brave woman,” and the interview predictably degenerates from there.

“It’s very difficult,” the man says regarding the alleged pushback he’s received on campus — the implication being, of course, that barging into private women’s spaces should be, actually, very easy. And thanks to his lawsuit, doing so will be moving forward.

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It isn’t enough, one must understand when dealing with these people, that he won his lawsuit and now women who thought they were joining a sisterhood will be legally obliged to deny objective reality by allowing what is obviously a male with male chromosomes into their club. No, he must continue to play the role of eternal victim even when he wins.

Nothing is ever enough for these people. Give a mouse a cookie…

“I hope that even if there’s one person out there that feels that their identity is being attacked that it’s okay to be who they are and it’s never okay to be attacked on their identity,” the man says.

The obvious problem with that admonition is that no one is attacking this man for his delusions; they attack him for forcing his delusions on the rest of the population that would rather retain its connection to physical, objective reality.


As tempting as it is to hate these LGBTQ+++™ alphabet people, who impose their ideological lunch on the rest of us via legal fiat, it’s just as true that they are victims of mass psychosis as that they are self-entitled narcissists in dire need of a reorientation into the real world.

In all likelihood, this individual was raised in an “affirming” environment in which every authority figure around him, or at least most, went along with his delusion and satisfied themselves for their loving liberalness as a result. No one in a position to help him likely ever challenged his claim to be a woman, and so he grew in his self-entitledness, and he and the rest of society are made to suffer the consequences.

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