Dirty Tricks: Democrat PAC Reportedly Trying to Get RFK Jr. Kicked Off Ballot

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The Democrat Party and the corporate state media propaganda machine, which are functionally one and the same, are hellbent on marginalizing RFK Jr. by, as Malcolm X would say, any means necessary.

They smear him. They impugn his character. They question his motives. They target his family to drive wedges. They label him guilty of thoughtcrime by association with right-wingers — the worst and most unforgivable of all heresies in the liberal cult.

Now they’re cutting to the chase by allegedly outright attempting to get him kicked off of the ballot in primary states, according to numerous sources.

“Sign your name: BAN Robert F. Kennedy from the ballot” reads the text reportedly sent out to individuals on the PAC’s mailing list.

It goes without saying, as it’s taken as a given now in Democrat Party circles, that the best way to protect and nurture Democracy™ is to prevent the democratic process from occurring.

The PAC, called Progressive Turnout Project, appears to be a slush fund for a who’s who of Democrat Party insiders. The group raised a whopping $48,562,780 during the 2021-2022 fiscal year, per transparency group Open Secrets, which tracks political spending by such organizations. During that time, the PAC dispersed $1,471,000 to establishment Democrat candidates, including:

RFK Jr. recently proclaimed himself the most villainized man in politics, surpassing (in his estimation) even the censorship and blacklisting visited upon He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. There is no statistical data to cite regarding which man is more frequently censored, but at face value, I am inclined to believe RFK’s assertion that he is — somehow, amazingly — even more censored than Trump.

Isn’t it telling of the state of politics that an informal competition has developed to determine the biggest victim of corporate state media censorship among a subset of populist candidates? Being targeted for silencing is now a badge of honor. That says more than anything, perhaps, of the contempt a huge swathe of the electorate has for the unelected technocrats who more and more of us understand really run things around here.

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What’s clear is that a Trump-RFK Jr. matchup in the general election would be an absolute nightmare scenario for the corporate state, and for that reason alone it would be my dream matchup. There are obvious differences between the two, both stylistically and substantially, but what they have in common is a demonstrated willingness to buck orthodoxy and appeal to a disaffected populace. They cannot be controlled to the same extent that every other president has been, arguably since JFK’s assassination.

What measures will the technocrats be forced to take next, assuming that Trump maintains his dominance in the primary polls and he weathers the storm of multiple ongoing prosecutions, which he presumably will? What will be done with RFK Jr., should the effort to get him kicked off of the ballot fail? One shudders to imagine.



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