Social Justice™ Civil War: Dueling Pride Groups Battle in the Courts

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Last week, on the nation’s Day of Independence, I mused in a PJ Media article about who or what exactly constitutes the so-called “LGBTQ community.”


The gist of the article was that the various groups represented by the Pride™ alphabet soup — homosexual bio-women, homosexual bio-men, bisexuals, transes, and “gender-queers” (whatever that means) — have nothing much in common with one another aside from various and divergent respective manifestations of sexual deviancy and therefore don’t belong in a single category of person.

There are many ideological skirmishes within this highly contentious, dogmatic, and insular subculture — the most important of which, as I have described it previously, is the battle between so-called TERFs (“trans-exclusionary radical feminists”) and other members of the gender-critical “community” who subscribe to biological reality and transgenders who do not and spitefully label them “genocidal,” “transphobic,” etc.

Now the factions have taken the civil dispute to a UK courtroom, the litigants being a trans charity called “Mermaids” and another charity called the “LGB Alliance” (representing the rainbow minus the transes and gender-queers and pedophiles rebranded as “minor-attracted persons” and whatever other degenerate nonsense is thrown into the mix on a near-daily basis).


Via BBC (emphasis added):

A transgender charity’s attempt to get an organisation it described as having an “anti-trans focus” removed from the charity register has been dismissed.

Mermaids launched the legal challenge after the Charity Commission registered the LGB Alliance in 2021.

The LGB Alliance supports lesbian, gay and bisexual people, but Mermaids alleged the group sought to undermine its charitable activities.

On Thursday the tribunal ruled Mermaids was not entitled to bring the case.

Mermaids’ legal challenge is believed to be the first time a charity sought to strip another charity of its charitable status.

But the tribunal ruled that while Mermaids and its supporters may have been affected by LGB Alliance “emotionally and/or socially,” this did not give them the legal right to appeal against their registration as a charity.

Mermaids was set up in 1995 to support children and young people questioning their gender identity. It said the LGB Alliance sought to “destroy” its reputation and sources of funding.

LGB Alliance says it exists to advance the rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people. It insisted it is not transphobic and does not endorse discriminatory behaviour towards any group or individual.


Apparently, the best that Mermaids’ lawyers could come up with for a lawfare strategy was to accuse the LGB Alliance of maliciousness by stating basic biological reality such as “men don’t have penises” and the like, which they then construed as “literal violence” or whatever (to borrow a phrase from AOC) and sought redress for. Thankfully, at least for now, it appears to be going nowhere after the rational ruling of a UK court.



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