Study: Lockdowns Produced No Reduction in COVID Deaths

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

With each passing week, new evidence — actual, real scientific evidence based on the scientific method and not the conjecture of overpaid government Public Health™ bureaucrats — surfaces debunking some aspect of the COVID-19 response, whether it’s the futility of masking, the inefficacy of vaccines, or the counterproductivity of lockdowns.


I wonder how the liberal harlots who constantly harass MAGA domestic terrorists to Respect the Science™ will try to cope with this one.

To assess the merits of masking, vaccines, and lockdowns, respectively, the researchers analyzed data from a number of U.S. jurisdictions with varying levels of vaccine uptake, lockdown measures, mask mandates, etc. to compare infection rates and death rates.

Via The Lancet:

Mandate propensity (a summary measure that captures a state’s use of physical distancing and mask mandates) was associated with a statistically significant and meaningfully large reduction in the cumulative infection rate, but not the cumulative death rate.

The infection rate means very little. First of all, all that’s required for a confirmed infection is a positive PCR test. Scientists with the authority to say so have questioned the accuracy of these tests, which are relatively new as diagnostic tools. Without diving too deep into the technicalities, they are susceptible to manipulation by turning up or down the cycle count.

Second, a positive PCR result says nothing about whether the individual experienced any symptoms at all. Eliminating all COVID cases in terms of detecting trace amounts of the virus in the nasal cavity is a fool’s errand, as even Saint Fauci has conceded that everyone will be exposed to COVID-19 at some point. This was common knowledge regarding constantly mutating coronaviruses before the world went crazy in 2020.

The only thing that matters is severe illness and death. On the latter count, The Lancet‘s study firmly concluded that lockdowns did nothing to reduce death.


So let’s do a little cost-benefit analysis that the Public Health™ authorities never will because reckoning with the fallout of their disastrous decision-making would expose them as the pseudoscientific hacks that they are.

The lockdowns did nothing whatsoever to reduce death, which was the purported goal. On the other hand, they caused:

The Public Health™ criminals who cheerleaded these abuses need to be prosecuted. So far, we haven’t seen any real action on that front from the GOP-controlled House — not surprising, but disappointing.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the flu as a coronavirus. We apologize to our readers for this error.


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