The Moral Atrocity of Racial Quotas: Newsom Pledges to Appoint Black Woman to Dianne Feinstein's Vacated Senate Seat

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) is nothing if not a product of the technocratic governing class. There is no Social Justice™ engineering project he isn’t on board with, which is why he’s a top selection among the donor class for 2024, in the event that their geriatric corpse currently in the White House must be tossed overboard.

Via the Los Angeles Times:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s weeks-long absence from Washington as she recuperates from shingles not only led to calls for her retirement, it refocused attention on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s promise to appoint a Black woman if either of California’s U.S. Senate seats opened up.

While Feinstein on Wednesday vowed to return to the Capitol before retiring at the end of her term in early 2025, Black leaders in California wonder if the governor’s sincerity remains. Stirring those doubts: Newsom has been silent about whom he supports in the state’s 2024 Senate race to succeed Feinstein, even though the field includes just one formidable Black woman candidate: Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland.

Let’s naively assume good faith on these people’s part — that they really want to remedy historical Systemic™ racial injustices or whatever through hiring quotas and symbolic gestures like placing token minorities in high-visibility positions in government.

Do they not understand that publicly proclaiming, before any official vetting process has begun, their intentions to hand jobs to fashionable minorities serves the opposite function?

Tactically, why would they not simply keep their intentions close to their vest, bide their time, go through the motions, interview a few hopeless whites to maintain the façade of integrity, then hire a black woman in the end and declare her the most qualified candidate?

Doing it this way seems totally counterproductive — again, if you assume good faith on their part.

Anyone with the most basic sense of decency is disgusted by tokenism. Research suggests that primates react negatively to perceived unfairness, which in turn suggests that humans’ sense of fairness is deeply wired into our psychology.

This kind of social engineering will inevitably engender racial resentment and hostility. They must understand that. What conclusion is one left to draw except that perhaps that’s the point after all?

President Brandon’s handlers infamously made a similar pledge to select a lady Person of Color© as his running mate in 2020. And we all saw how that’s turned out so far.

The southern border, which Karamela is ostensibly in charge of, is a gaping national wound. Meanwhile, instead of tending to it, she busies herself with birthday cards to transgender pop culture icons.

Of course, as Karamela’s approval ratings sink lower and lower, the corporate media points the finger at… You guessed it! Racism.

Brandon’s handlers also appointed a pet black woman to the Supreme Court — one seemingly incapable of describing what a woman is yet allegedly with impressive enough jurisprudence to warrant sitting on the highest court in the land.

Because they have no shame, the corporate media compared her to Jackie Robinson.

At this rate, the entire federal government leadership will soon be populated by black women.

In the final analysis, though, since none of these people wield real power anyway and are merely window dressing to maintain the façade that is modern Democracy™, does it really matter what color the state’s mascot is?



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