'COVID Safe Cuties': The Insular #ZeroCOVID Dating Network

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I have previously described the fascinating and insular world of #ZeroCOVID, an almost entirely online (since they believe that in-person interaction is a relic of the barbaric past) social movement to keep everyone locked down in perpetuity until the COVID-19 virus is eradicated, which even the most ardently authoritarian Public Health™ institutions like Johns Hopkins admit will never happen.


One of the tenets of Zero COVID ideology is a zero-tolerance prohibition against interactions with members of the outside world, as any cult requires of its followers, on the grounds that not only would they potentially infect the Zero COVID people with an actual pathogen but they might otherwise infect their psychology and cause them to second-guess the received wisdom of living like a hermit for eternity.

As such, the cult has devised its own dating platform called “COVID Safe Cuties,” which hosts “personal ads for covid safe friends and dating.” (Tweets on the group’s page are restricted. I used a throwaway account to try to gain access but did not achieve success.)

One Twitter user, @rach_fornow, posted a selfie and invited Zero COVID people to “come flirt.” Unfortunately for Rach, she is unmasked indoors (a cardinal sin), she doesn’t have neon hair, she doesn’t have a BLM or transgender icon in her bio, and she is conventionally attractive. So she’s probably not going to find a lot of love on the COVID Safe Cuties platform.


As the Social Justice™ movement naturally becomes more and more insular, my prediction is that we will see dating apps of the COVID Safe Cuties variety proliferate.

I came upon, for instance, another dating app that probably has a lot of crossover with the Zero COVID people (since many of them believe, accurately or not, that they suffer from “Long COVID” and therefore identify as disabled) called “Dateability App.”

The Dateability App appears to have competition in the form of DateAble, a “unique non-profit social organization for people with and without disabilities who seek new friends and relationships.”


Obviously, there’s nothing inherently immoral about seeking companionship based on shared values or beliefs. People have done that for time immemorial. But, at some point, again as the Social Justice™ subculture becomes further removed from mainstream culture, there is going to have to come a reckoning if we are made to share a civilization with these people.


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