Biden 'Can't Recall' if He Spoke to East Palestine Mayor

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

In a damage control bid, the Biden White House dispatched its dainty token LGBTQ+++™ minority Mayor Pete in a goofy yellow hardhat to East Palestine for a photo op after being upstaged by Donald Trump earlier in the week.


It didn’t go super well. Mayor Pete clearly was out of his element. Hardhats and mud don’t suit his delicate sensibilities.

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Meanwhile, his alleged boss, President Brandon, informed a reporter, David Muir, that he “can’t recall” whether he has spoken to the East Palestine mayor, adding that he’s “talked to everyone there is to talk to.”

Obviously, mentally competent individuals routinely forget people they’ve spoken to in the last few days, especially when those correspondences involve a massive chemical spill that threatens the health of thousands of people whose welfare you are theoretically responsible for.

Aside from an apparent disinterest in speaking to the mayor of East Palestine, Brandon has also indicated he has no interest in visiting the site, either. Via CNN:


“You know, we were there two hours after the train went down – two hours. I’ve spoken with every single major figure in both Pennsylvania and in Ohio, and so the idea that we’re not engaged is just simply not there. And initially, there was not a request for me to go out even before I was heading over to Kyiv, so I’m keeping very close tabs on it. We’re doing all we can.” [emphasis added]

American presidents, Brandon would have you believe, are not expected to go to the site of a disaster without a specific request from some unnamed authority. What is he supposed to be, a leader or something?


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