VIDEO FLASHBACK: When Lefty John Lennon Debunked the Overpopulation Narrative

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A clip of John Lennon’s appearance on a talk show in the ’60s or ’70s has emerged in which he debunks the modern left’s obsession with depopulation.


“I think it’s a bit of a joke the way people have made this overpopulation thing into a kind of myth. I don’t really believe it. I think whatever happens will balance itself out… I don’t believe in [overpopulation],” Lennon says.

You would never catch a leftist in 2023 forwarding Lennon’s argument here.

Despite frequent accusations to the contrary, I’m not actually any sort of leftist. But speaking as objectively as possible, old-school ’60s-era lefties were cut from a different cloth than their current-day peers and were significantly more sympathetic. There are obvious parallels, and in many ways, the modern left continues the ideological legacy of that era, but there are key differences in style and substance that matter.

Once upon a time, the mantra of the American left was harmony and peace and universal love and things like that, informed by copious psychedelic drug use. The movement was a clear anti-establishment reaction to the post-WWII cultural conservatism — “turn on, tune in, drop out,” as psychonaut Leary infamously instructed his followers.


The modern leftist has none of the soft edges or idealism of his predecessors. The left is the establishment, having hijacked all of the academic and media institutions and functioning now as the corporate state’s footsoldiers to champion whatever cause their puppetmasters like George Soros demand, including depopulation. The left social machine runs not just on unadulterated race hate and misandry but, at the bottom, intense misanthropy.

Flashback: 60 Years Ago This Week: the Birth of the New Left

Jordan Peterson caught a lot of flak from cynical leftists when he said the fundamental motivation for Antifa types is that they hate God for the crime of spinning them into existence. But he’s totally right. They are nihilists at their core — and bitter ones at that, not the fun kind like Diogenes.

What changed on the cultural left avant-garde over 60 years? How did an anti-war movement mutate into mindless cheerleaders of whatever war NATO is cooking up at the moment? How did “anti-fascists” come to enforce brutal authoritarian government crackdowns on civil liberties in the streets? Who would have foreseen thirty years ago that Black Bloc anarchists would come out in full force to serve as the muscle for mask mandates? Truth is stranger than fiction.


The evolution, or de-evolution more accurately, probably a lot has to do with astroturfing — the co-opting of genuine movements by cynical powerful actors to essentially defang them and redirect their energy in a way that serves the power structure. The same process more or less went down on the grassroots right with the Tea Party in the early 2010s as the opportunists replaced the true believers.

Somehow, it seems the house always wins.


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