What Ruin Feminism Wrought on American Women: Perspectives From Exile


I grew up in public school, as many millennial-era boys did, surrounded by female authority figures in a liberal matriarchy. I assumed naturally, as children do, that this environment represented a universal reality.


In college, I dated feminist women — mostly entitled children of the middle class — who were trained to view the world as their own personal catering service, as repayment for millennia of subjugation.

Then I went abroad and discovered that I had been misled for decades about the nature of women when unindoctrinated in a toxic ideology. The truth is that Western women in general, and American women in particular, are unlike women elsewhere, or women throughout history until about three decades ago.


An American woman explains here why American men leave the U.S. by the millions to seek female companionship abroad, but, interestingly, no foreign men ever come to America seeking an American bride.

In the U.S. milieu, misandry, selfishness, and bitterness — once recognized as negative character traits in either sex — were rebranded at some point in the recent past as feminist virtues. Getting fat and rendering oneself conventionally unattractive became an act of liberation from the “male gaze” (the product of “feminist film theory”). Staying single and childless morphed from a dreaded fear into a peculiar form of empowerment; married women with children were depicted as class traitors, servants of the Patriarchy™.

The American conceptualization of female empowerment, more often than not, boils down to getting “even” with men for the real or imagined past crimes of the Patriarchy™.


The U.S., at this point, is awash in Amy Schumers — 30-something childless cat-ladies-in-training whose idea of fulfillment is to be as promiscuous and disgusting as possible.

The Western world is designed to feminize and infantilize everyone, including men. The benefits that mass feminization confers to the power structure are many — not least of which is that the female disposition, by its nature, is more compliant and passive in the face of budding tyranny.

(Contrary to popular revisionist history that correlates fascism to “toxic masculinity,” the feminist movement in the early 1900s propelled Hitler to power. As German Hermann Rauschning noted in 1939, “it was the women’s vote that brought Hitler to triumph.”)


Differences between the sexes are real, and they matter. Harmony between them stabilizes society; antagonism (which is fanned by the Western power structure) between them undermines and weakens society, exposing them to violent upheaval.

Abroad, in exotic faraway lands not yet infected with third-wave feminism, women still enjoy being women. Child-bearing is a respected social function. Women respect men and view them as indispensable to a functional civilization.


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