UNREAL New Images Emerge From Chinese 'Zero COVID' Techno-Hell

(AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)

Fueled by the obstinate inertia of the Chinese Communist Party — which would view backtracking on policy it has so publicly fully committed to as an unacceptable loss of face (an important and often misunderstood concept in Asian culture) — the government’s brutal “Zero COVID” policy runs full steam ahead.


The resulting images — the handful that leak out of China’s infamous internet firewall — shock the conscience. Science fiction isn’t so imaginative in its depictions of futuristic dystopia.

Big Whites promote public health with headkicks

China’s COVID Stormtroopers —ย dubbed “big whites” (ๅคง็™ฝ) after, of all namesakes, a fictitious Disney robot — enforce the government’s policies on the ground.

They are ostensibly tasked with promoting public health, which makes the beatings they regularly inflict on the non-compliant public ironic (although the Chinese largely do not appreciate or, often, even understand the very Western concept of irony).

Everyone except the most hardened conspiracy theorist knows optimal health is the inevitable result of a boot to the face.

CCP drones spray unidentified chemicals onto cities

Whatever comprises the drone cocktails, if the lead paint in Chinese-produced children’s toys is any indication, it’s probably not good.


iPhone factory workers riot against Big Whites

Previous clips emerged on Twitter of Foxconn (where the iPhone is produced) workers hopping over barbed-wire fences to flee from the Zero COVID lockdowns back to their villages.

The ones that remain are now rioting against the Big Whites in spectacular fashion.

Big Whites attacked throughout China


CCP erects 250,000-capacity COVID concentration camps in Guangzhou

Via Reuters:

The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is setting up makeshift hospitals and quarantine sites with capacity for nearly 250,000 beds for COVID-19 infections, officials said on Thursday, as cases across the country hit their highest level since April.


Klaus Schwab: Chinese governance is a ‘role model for many countries’

The reason that Chinese Zero COVID policy is relevant to the West — other than as a novel demonstration of out-of-control despotism — is that the technocrats, repeatedly, publicly praise the CCP for its oppression.

WEF head Klaus Schwab recently referred to the government as a “role model for many countries” on state television for the sake of “sustainability” and “systemic transformation,” whatever that means.


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