'Nonprofit' LGBTQ+++© Foundations Now Write Public School Sex-Ed Curricula


You may have noticed that public schools transformed at some indefinite point in the late 2010s from institutes of learning (although they never did that particularly well anyway) into outright LGBTQ+++© indoctrination day camps.


One of public schools’ primary functions these days, besides babysitting their youthful charges while their parents labor for their masters, is brainwashing children in their custody into religious fundamentalism — like the Pentecostal Jesus camps of yesteryear, just more sexual, predatory, and fantastical.

LGTBQ+++© social engineers would suggest, of course, that teachers somehow naturally morphed into sexual propagandists. A veritable army of queer Mary Poppinses sprung up out of nowhere to sing-song children out of their heterosexual bigotry and into the warm embrace of sacred sexual Diversity©.

Almost all at once, overnight, in concert (the social engineers would argue), teachers adorned their classrooms with Pride© flags. Libraries from coast to coast realized in unison that the one thing they’d been missing all this while was a friendly neighborhood drag queen to read sexual fantasy stories to children with their hairy junk hanging out.


Such is the inexorable flow of progress, of course.

The queerification of the public schools is all very natural and organic, they would claim, not to mention liberal and loving.

“Transgender youth” – the Hamas-style human shield of choice

“Shadowy forces shaping public discourse to suit their own agendas?” they sneer and seethe at anyone who questioned the narrative. “Where’s your tinfoil hat, conspiracy theorist?”


Yet, reality has struck again to vindicate the “conspiracy theorists.”

As gender ideology expert and 11th Hour Blog founder Jessica Bilek explains, “the second edition of the National Sex Education Standards” quietly updated “sex ed curricula [guidelines] in K-12 schools” in 2020.

National Sex Education Standards (NSES)

According to the guidelines, by the end of second grade, children ages 7-8 should be able to:

  • “Define gender, gender-identity, and gender-role stereotypes
  • “Discuss the range of ways people express their gender and how gender-role stereotypes may limit behavior”

By fifth grade (ages 10-11), students are expected to have graduated to:

  • “explaining masturbation”
  • “[distinguishing] between sex assigned at birth and gender identity and [explaining] how they may or may not differ”
  • “[explaining] that gender expression and gender identity exist along a spectrum”
  • “[describing]…the potential role of hormone blockers on young people who identify as transgender.”


National Sex Education Standards (NSES)

Probing deeper, Bilek explains that the NSES curricula are the handiwork of The Future of Sex Education Initiative (FoSE), whose efforts in this regard were funded by the Grove Foundation.

The Grove Foundation spearheads, in partnership with The Ford Foundation and David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Working to Institutionalize Sex Education (WISE), “a national initiative that supports school districts [across the entire US] in implementing sex education.”


FoSE is a joint venture undertaken in partnership by three “nonprofit” organizations:

  • Advocates for Youth: “Advocates for Youth… work[s] with schools and youth serving professionals around the country to ensure LGBTQ youth are safe in schools; included in sex education lessons; and above all, celebrated for who they are.”
  • Answer: “Answer is determined to create a culture in which sexuality is understood, valued and respected. Stand with us as we transform sexuality education throughout the U.S.
  • The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (Siecus)


Check out the websites. They are littered from front to back, top-to-bottom with “transgender” and, curiously enough, “anti-racism” propaganda.

All three “nonprofits” are funded by The Grove Foundation, which sources its operating budget from the fortune of former Intel Corporation CEO Andrew Grove.

(The further you dive into the weeds of gender ideology, the more apparent the ties between industry and “human rights” social engineering become.)

No one elected these “nonprofits” to anything. Why are they given the de facto authority to craft education policy destined to impact the development of millions of children?

Below is the fruit of the LGBTQ+++© nonprofits’ labor:

Obviously, mentally unwell shop teachers who decide they’re “transgender” get to parade in front of children wearing giant prosthetic breasts with cartoonish erect nipples:


“Halton District School Board is standing behind the transgender teacher at Oakville High. HDSB Chair Margo Shuttleworth told the Toronto Sun that protecting their employees’ ‘gender rights’ is ‘the stance the school board is taking and they are standing behind the teacher.’ The transgender teacher reportedly previously identified as a man while working at the school as soon as a year ago, but now identifies as a woman.”

Back when I went to public school, actual female students were prohibited from wearing spaghetti strap tank tops and shorts/skirts that ended more than two inches above the knee. The logic was that those clothing items distracted the male students in the classroom.

When the male math teacher transitions to womanhood, though, all of a sudden dress codes are tossed out the window in favor of tolerance.

The children, for their part, understand that their role is to shut their mouths and clap their hands like trained seals because they learned in sex ed that “gender expression and gender identity exist along a spectrum” and that asking questions like “Why does Mr. Robbins look like a disgusting bimbo having a mid-life crisis?” are transphobic or whatever.

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All of this suggests the question: If LGBTQ+++© queerness is all so natural and overthrowing the “gender binary” so imminent, why the need to methodically manipulate the public discourse to shape the desired narrative? Why overhaul the entire sex ed curricula to include “gender diversity”?


If the course of social evolution — away from heterosexual tyranny and into the light that is the LGBTQ+++© sexual utopia — is so inevitable, why the fevered lobbying?

The obvious answer is that gender diversity is not natural or inevitable or logical. The gender binary is real. Any attempt to subvert reality, therefore, is a Herculean effort that requires training, censorship, and persecution of heretics like Jennifer Bilek or Libs of TikTok.


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