Isn't That Ahmadinejad With an OBAMA 2012 Bumper Sticker on His Limo?

In a provocative blog on this morning, ApolloSpeaks asks if Iran is joining the Obama reelection team:

Hawkish anti-Iranian statements coming from Gingrich, Romney and Santorum calling for an all out “maximum” covert war to assassinate Iran’s nuclear scientists and sabotage its nuclear plants seem to be forcing the mullahs to join the Obama reelection team-to do what they can to keep Obama in power short of giving up their nuclear weapons program.


ApolloSpeaks contrasts the Republican candidates (absent Ron Paul, of course, whose campaign mascot is the ostrich when it comes to all foreign policy) with our Kumbaya president who wants to be friends, just as he is with other murderous terrorists such as Bernadine Dorhn and the unrepentant Bill Ayers.  As ApolloSpeaks argues:

…Obama, it seems, is welcoming with open arms the mullahs’ peace offensive, showing them good will by canceling military exercises with Israel and warning Netanyahu not to strike Iran. Subordinating national security to his reelection as Iran uses the ruse of negotiations to further its nuclear and regional ambitions Obama and his incoherent foreign policy will stay its disastrous course and make the world a more dangerous place for democracy and freedom.

The blog is well worth reading, not only for its analysis but also its pictorial illustration:


Read it all here.


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