Escape to a Parisian Bakery for Breakfast: Le Bon Cafe


Washington, D.C. is the epitome of rainy and dreary today…

Cups of coffee on days like today work double duty: the morning jolt of caffeine and warm comfort in a cup.  The best thing to accompany a good cup of coffee on a rainy day is a flaky, warm croissant or breakfast sandwich. If you’re near the Eastern Market neighborhood, you’re in luck.


Le Bon Café is the name of this cheery restaurant. They specialize in handmade pastries and pairing delicious bread with gourmet ingredients. Le Bon Café is a great stop for those suffering from a severe case of the “Mondays,” early-morning hunger, or just need something warm and fresh to fend off the dreary rain.

The Le Bon Cafe is quaint—but that’s what you would expect of a piece of Paris in Washington, D.C.  A blue and white, striped awning and flower boxes greet you at the door.  For patrons who prefer A/C over alfresco (and vice versa), there are charming, blue tables located inside and out.  Although the color of the patio furniture has nothing to do with the quality of the food, the fact that the cute chairs are blue somehow adds to the ambiance and whimsy of the place.  The inside is decorated with pictures of France and an ornate wall clock.  It feels restful and comfortable—a perfect place to enjoy a fresh croissant.


Le Bon Cafe’s Belgian Waffle

For breakfast, I suggest the French Toast, a toasted baguette, pastry, or croissant.  They have egg sandwiches and strata for the egg lovers and ham, turkey, and bacon for the carnivores. No matter what you decide to order, your meal is sure to be fresh, warm, and utterly delicious. There’s nothing like bread that melts in your mouth…


If you can’t make it for breakfast, Le Bon Café also serves up tasty sandwiches for lunch—of course, all on amazing bread. Instead of your usual “chicken salad sandwich,” Le Bon Café offers a spicy alternative… try the Curried Turkey Salad Sandwich. (It’s my favorite).

If you’re more in the mood for a frou frou salad (this is a French café), try the Salmon Nicoise Salad or Citrus Herb Grilled Chicken on a bed of field greens. Grab a side of quiche or hearty soup.  Don’t forget dessert! The classic brownies and cookies are great but try one of the daily specials!  I had a Pixie cookie last week that was as rich as a chocolate truffle.  It melted in my mouth and was probably the best cookie I have ever had. No joke.


Le Bon Cafe’s Chocolate Egg…who doesn’t want to try this?!


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